Monday, July 2, 2012

July Julep Maven Box! Boho Glam

For financial reasons, I was going to skip both boxes. But there was a snafu and even though I skipped my American Beauty profile, the site doesn't have my other Boho Glam profile on there, and so it shipped anyways along with my add ons! I tried to be responsible! haha.

I still have never been lucky enough to get a golden box that has all the profiles in it, but I'm hoping someday it happens!

 For those unfamiliar with Julep, here's my blog post explaining it all, and here's a link to the site for anyone interested in signing up! (just for clarity that is a referral link)

Per normal, it showed up in a small black box.

 I have to say, I really really like how they've shrunk down the packaging. I don't know if any of you remember the HUGE boxes they used to send, but they've vastly improved the packaging aspect, and completely upped the game on it all. The changes have been small, but over time, they add up.

 the tweaks I've seen so far are:
  •  -Boxes appropriate to the size of the contents instead of huge boxes regardless. 
  • -The addition of the shredded paper in holiday/theme colors
  • . -Bubble wrap on every bottle of polish/polish groupings.
  •  -Instead of packing tape, they now use the little clear elastics on the bubble wrap, which are MUCH easier to open.
  •  -The circle ingredient stickers (that you need a microscope to read) on the bottom of the bottles are now square stickers with the polish name and # on them instead.
  •  -Addition of clear heatshrink plastic seal sleeves to each bottle of polish -new brushes

 All of those changes have occurred since the first boxes were sent out last year in September. To me, this means that they are paying attention to feedback, and constantly striving to better their product. That's a huge huge thing to me and a reason why I love this company and this subscription so much.

Okay on to the unboxing!

The profile I received this month is the Boho Glam. The theme for this months box, being July, is appropriately Sparkle!
The secondary theme of this months boxes is also "matching lips and nails", which is a huge upcoming trend right now. I've already seen several other companies such as Butter London & Nars doing it, and there's even an article highlighting the different brands that are taking part.  

July Maven Box 2012 Boho Glam Opening the box, everything is 4th of July themed! I love that they do theme boxes, and somehow make the tie in between their polishes and the beauty theme work.
It's a fine balance and not many companies could pull that off.

Once again we have a fun candy included! This month they are Atomic Fireballs to go with the red, white and blue paper crinkles.
The middle package is wrapped in super cute starry tissue paper and tied with a red ribbon. I love their packaging! They always do a great job with it.

 The Boho Glam box comes with Coral based colors. I'm all about Coral this year, so I was extremely happy with this selection.

The card shows the colors, explains the trend, and then on the back they have a "how to" for how to do a french type manicure with both the colors shown here.
I thought it was cute that they had a "look" you could do using the colors, even if it's sort of a no brainer if you think about it.

Julep Georgia, Julep Mischa, Julep Poppy, Julep America
The colors included in this months Boho Glam box are Georgia, which is named perfectly because it's a peachy coral with gold shimmer. Super pretty!
Next is the darker color, Mischa. This one is a shimmer as well, and it's more of a fiery orange based coral.  As you can see, there is also a special surprise polish included! It's a red white and blue glitter called America. I thought it was nice because for the Canadian subscribers they made another glitter called O Canada!

So from left to right in the photo pictured are: Georgia, Poppy Lipgloss, America Glitter Polish, and Mischa.
The matching lip color is called Poppy and looks like both nail colors mixed together to me. It's a bright coral with shimmer in it.

Julep PoppyThe applicator is a brush, unlike their previous lip product, which was the lip plumper that had the velvety type applicator. I prefer that to this brush, but that's just a personal preference.
I did some swatches so that people could see what everything looks like on:

I was admittedly a little scared when I saw just how bright the lip gloss is in the tube, but it's not bad at all on. It's sheer, and still extremely wearable and pretty! The gloss isn't sticky or gross tasting, although it slightly smells like vanilla to me.

Here are some swatches of the Poppy lip color!
My skintone is NW15 in M.A.C, and Ivory in most other brands.
Julep Poppy SwatchAs you can see, it's just a pretty sheer coral color. I like it because while it is bright, it doesn't look obnoxious and it's just a nice pretty summer color that I can see myself getting a lot of wear from.

Another swatch on my hand. You can see that the gloss is a little bit sticky, but nothing worse than most lip glosses.

I decided to do a one coat swatch of each nail color, just to see if they looked at all like they do in the bottles.

Top is Georgia. This one is definitely a two plus coater to get opaque coverage. The color is a very light peach coral. It could easily be used for a french manicure because it's so sheer.

Mischa is much more opaque, despite being a shimmer. It only took one coat to get a nice bright color and coverage.

I like that both colors work together and are two takes on the same color scheme.

Next is the glitter. I had some blue polish from last weeks manicure on my nails still, but painted over it because I wanted to see what happened regarding the glitter coverage.

As you can see, this color is definitely sheer with lots and lots of red sparkles. The blue and silver circles are hard to see in the photo, but in person you can see them much more clearly.

I would definitely recommend putting a white or lighter colored layer down before using this if you want a cute 4th of July look!
That's what I'm going to be doing for sure.

I thought it was really nice of them to include a free themed nail polish like that!

Well that's my July Julep Maven box! I love it! My add ons are in the mail right now and I'll do an update with them and swatches next.
Coming soon are also unboxing of my May Glossybox. Stay tuned!
Thank you so much for reading and let me know what you think of your Maven sub if you have one.


  1. I'm getting the Boho Glam box and had to look up unboxing posts to see what the colours look like and the gloss in particular since I'm a bit scared of what coral can look like on my lips. I'll find out soon enough.

    Makes me very curious to see the Canadian packaging since your's was America-themed! And I'm thinking the O Canada polish must be very "light" sparkly since the America one looked much more dense and coloured (and is still really light from what you show).

    Thanks for sharing your unboxing!

  2. Their lip glosses look much more opaque in the tube than on, thankfully! I was scared it was going to be super bright and weird looking.
    I hope you like your box too! =]

    I think the O Canada color is really pretty! It's a multicolored glitter. The TraceFacePhiles has a really good set of swatches. I wish I had gotten it as an add on, but I picked out two other colors instead.

  3. I'm so excited this month because I usually get 2 boxes for my mom and I (luckily for us we gained enough referrals to not pay it) and then I also won a giveaway. 3 July boxes, I am so excited. Can't wait to try out the lipglosses! The boho glam polishes are really lovely!

    Samantha (Nail Art Couture)
    Drop by and Enter my Julep Intro Box Giveaway