Thursday, July 5, 2012

June Glossybox

So my second Glossybox arrived in the mail today and was awaiting me when I got home from work.

Glossybox, like Julep, is a month "off" when they send you their boxes. The June box arrives in July, July in August, etc.
Which, that's fine, but I must say I REALLY don't like Glossyboxes billing system. They charge you a full 3 weeks before they send out. I prefer Juleps because they bill 3 days before send out and you have time to skip a month or cancel or switch profiles.
Hopefully Glossybox fixes that soon.

If you aren't sure what Glossybox is, it's a monthly subscription service that costs $21. They send you a selection of higher end samples, along with their magazine, once a month. You fill out a beauty profile and they supposedly use that to help choose what items you get in your box. If you're interested, here's a link to their site!  (not a referral link!)

Billing annoyances aside, I love their packaging. Everything is packaged up sooo nicely. You could easily give these boxes as a gift because they just look so pretty.

Mine came in the Glossybox mailer, which is grey with their logo on it in a pattern and a pull tab to open it.

Opening it revealed a really nice looking mini magazine! Their GlossyMag is a magazine filled with little articles, makeup tips and product recommendations. The theme for this one is Summer's Natural Beauty.

The publication feels very high end and sturdy like a real magazine would. It does not feel like a cheap pamphlet.
I love extras like this because they just make the whole package feel so much more lux and worth the money.

Next when I took out the magazine, were the products wrapped up in tissue and ribbon with the product card on top.

Here's the reverse side of the card, which explains the retail value of each item, along with the blurb about them, which I like having. It's also a good idea to check what you get compared to what the card says you should have to make sure you actually got everything you were supposed to!
Last month I had to email customer service because they forgot to include the brush in my box even though it was listed on the card! So always double check the contents of your boxes!

I have to say that when I opened my box, it smelled very strongly like one of the products. I was worried that my box had product leaked all over inside, because some other people on Makeup Talk have had that experience with their box. Thankfully everything was tightly sealed and intact within my box.

Here is what everything looked like when I uwrapped the tissue! It's in a little bit of disarray but nothing too bad. 

Here are the products that I received, all nicely lined up so you can actually tell what is what. There are 5 product samples with a surprise bonus perfume oil sample as well, so the total is 6.

They are:
1. BeautyAddicts Show-OFF mascara. Retail price $20/.39 oz. This is a full size product, so this alone pays for the box.
2. First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream. Retail price $16.50/6.8 oz. The one in the box is a 2 oz, which sells on the Sephora website for $7.50
3. Kinerase Restructure Firming Cream. Retail price $98.00/1.7 oz. A .24 oz sample was included in this box, which has a approximate value of $14.
4. Shea Terra Organics Ultimate moisturizing body creme. Retail price. $18.00/9 oz. sample include is 1 oz. Value of $2.
5. Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Treatment. Retail price: $12.00/5.07 oz. sample included is .84 oz with a value of  $2.
6. Bonus Sample: Perfume Organic scent Urban Organic. "A sweet lemon sorbet with bourbon, lime peel, basil, ginger, and vetiver". Retails for $65/.41 oz. Sample included is half of a standard sample vial full. On the site a 5 pack of samples is $22, so this vial has an estimated value of $4.40.

The total estimated retail value of this months box is approximately $50.

Do I feel that this subscription is worth it? I'm honestly still on the fence. I feel like Birchbox, which costs half the price, gives just as good as samples as this. But the beautiful packaging and the extra magazine really are pretty and the brands in this box are good high end ones as well.
At the same time, I could just buy something for $20.

I'm excited to try out the shave cream, since it is summer. I always like trying out new mascaras, and I'm glad it's black colored mascara. But I don't like that it's not waterproof, since I get raccoon eyes at the drop of a hat.  But I'll gladly try it out and report back. I'm also excited to try out the perfume oil, since I've only every tried alcohol based perfumes, so it's nice to get something different in the mail.

Just for fun, I took photos of the GlossyMag so that you all could read it too! Click on each photo to view them full size.

Isn't it a nice publication?

Alright well thank you so much for reading! To my fellow USA peeps, I hope you all had a great independence day!

I'll try out these products and get back to you. Rest assured I have not forgotten about the "review" section of this site! I just like to give products a real test before reviewing them so that it's more accurate.

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  1. I have really loved by Glossyboxes but their billing is extremely unpredictable. I have been billed at different times each month that I never know when it is going to hit. I am considering canceling my Glossybox because of this!