Saturday, June 9, 2012

Julep June Boxes! American Beauty & Boho Glam

The June Julep boxes arrived in the mail, and I have to say these are their most fun boxes yet. The colors are vibrant and pretty, the extras are great, and everything is extremely colorful and happy.

 First off, if you're familiar with what Julep Maven is, skip to the end of this sentence! If you are NOT familiar, well here is my blog post that details all about this subscription service. =]

I've been a member since their inception last September, and while I was admittedly skeptical of how much I would REALLY like a nail polish based service, I really do love it. That said, the $19.99 price tag x my two boxes can be a bit much, so I LOVE that they allow you to skip a month if you need to [and if you have more than one style profile you can pick which profile to skip! Either both, or just one! It's up to you].
A huge part of why I keep my Julep sub is due to their amazing customer service, and the fact that they have made things so flexible and easy to use.
Okay enough about that, on to the boxes! 

American Beauty 2012,Julep May American Beauty, Julep Lily, Julep Courtney
I have two profiles, the first one is the American Beauty profile.
Opening the box, there is the card that describes the profile, and shows what is inside! As you can see,  there are two colors shown, and a SPF product as well.
 The colors included in the American Beauty profile are Courtney, the green which is described as a "key lime creme". Then we have Lily, a "sizzling fuchsia creme". 
The fuchsia color actually reminds me quite a lot of their color Helena, which I have two bottles of. I will compare them and let you all know.

Julep Boho Glam May 2012 Unboxing
 Here is the card for my Boho Glam style profile box! The same SPF product, but the colors are different. =]
The colors included here are Robin, a creme finish turquoise color, and Daisy a bright yellow creme.

This is the first time I've seen a yellow creme in their collection, so I had to get it. This color of teal is also my favorite ever, so this box fits me more than the American Beauty.
Julep Maven Box May 2012
 Opening the box, both look identical, so I just will show one photo.
But there is a red tissue wrapped package with ribbon and a little card with a quote from Katherine Hepburn on it that says "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."

They also included pixi sticks! I haven't had those in forever. I like their fun inclusion of random candies.

Also, there is a chapstick! It's a spf 15! I was so excited about this freebie because I always am losing and using chapstick, so this will definitely be appreciated by me. You can also see the box containing the tube of SPF 30 sunblock which can be used on your face or your hands. I tried out the chapstick already and it's a vanilla mint taste/smell. It does have a bit of a "sunblock" flavor to it, which is hard to avoid since it has the SPF. But it doesn't look too white like the Burts Bees lifegaurd sunblock does!

Julep Boho Glam May 2012, Julep Sunblock, Julep Chapstick, Julep Daisy, Julep Robin
 Here is the close up of the Boho Glam box! You can also see another freebie included to make up for last months brush snaffoo. I was super happy to see these because two of my May boxes colors were in fact the weird frayed brushes.

When they said they were sending replacements, somehow my mind thought I had to take the brush on the old ones out of the cap! So I was relieved to see the whole cap instead. Definitely happy they fixed that!

American Beauty Julep Maven Box May 2012
 Here you can see my American Beauty box! Identical in every way to the Boho Glam except for the nail colors.
Julep Maven American Beauty May 2012, Julep Courtney, Julep Lily
Here we have the close up of the colors!
This box does not really excite me compared to the boho glam, but I forgot to do a box switch on the website and so I got sent my original choices. I don't really care for fuschia purples, or greens, but I will swatch these for you soon.

These June boxes are my favorite so far though! I feel like they're really upping their game packaging wise. Ever since they've paired with Sephora, they have been sending out bottles with the plastic seals on them, which I appreciate. It makes it nice if you get dupes and want to gift or swap them, because it just looks so much nicer to have the fresh packaging that makes it obvious that they are in fact, brand new bottles of polish and not just some random used ones or something.

The SPF sunblock and the lotion both are really great. I've been using both and haven't had any issues. The SPF smells like citrus to me though, so if you are smell sensitive it might bother you. I have been using it in place of my Neutrogena, and it works just as well. It's moisturizing without being greasy or too shiny, and it doesn't clog my pores. I'll keep using it and let you all know the final verdict though.

Have any of you tried out the new products yet? What do you think of them venturing into skincare? 


  1. Did you figure out how similar Lily and Helena are? I'm interested in getting Lily, but already have Helena, so I'd like to know if they're different enough to justify having both. I really don't like dupes, LOL.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Stephanie! I just swatched both of them to compare and they're not the same at all!
      In the bottle, and when I tried to photograph them side by side, they look identical, but they aren't at all. Helena looks purple next to Lily, which looks like a bright neon pink. So while I would say they are complimentary to each other, they're not identical like I thought. I would say they are different enough to have both, since Lily is neon pink, and Helena is the purple fushia color.