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Little Black Bag unboxing!

Little Black Bag unboxing post!

Lately I've been addicted to this website Little Black Bag. It's supposedly based off of a thing that stores in japan will do. They hold sales of Surprise Bags and the premise is you take your friends and you all buy a bag and you all trade with each other to get what you want from each others bags.

In this version, you choose your first item, which can be literally any of the available items in the gallery. The LBB website will then assign you other items to make your bag value at least $100, and up to 4 items. Then you have 7 days to trade until your hearts content with other users on the website and at the end of your time, that's the bag that will ship to you!

Exchanges are easy, but you do have to pay return shipping. They credit your next bag with an item of similar value. If you do a Return, you get a portion of the original retail value credited to your card.

The cost is $50 a month if you subscribe to a monthly bag, which you can skip at any time, or $58 plus tax for a one time bag that is not a subscription service. 

There are all kinds of great brands on there such as Deux Lux, Betsey Johnson, BCBG & Steve Madden.
The items ARE usually last seasons, but if you don't care about that it's completely worth it.

If you're interested, here is a link to check it out!

Okay now to the unboxing!

Just for reference, this is the bag I started with:
Little Black Bag Starting Bag

Little Black Bag Final Bag

Deux Lux Sam Hook Clutch Cognac First in the bag is my favorite item! I was sooo excited when the trade for this one worked out. It took me all 7 days to get my bag how I wanted it. Sometimes trading is stressful, and it's almost like a hobby trying to get what you want! But it's completely worth it.

This bag is faux leather, and is a beautiful Cognac color. The thing I love is that the whole entire top of the bag is what folds over and is shut by the hook and loop closure. That way everything is nice and secure!
There is no strap included, but the inside is roomy and has a zippered pouch. The metal clasp is extremely sturdy and the rhinestone is sparkly and gorgeous!

Deux Lux Sam Hook Cognac Inside Here's a peek at the inside! As you can see, it has the logo embroidered on a tag, and the zipper pouch has a metal zipper which I always appreciate.

The inside is a pretty blue color that contrasts nicely with the Cognac color of the outside.

This bag retails for $93, but is on BlueFly for $58. So basically, the cost of this bag is the cost of my whole LBB box, which I got extra items in as well. To me that's what makes this site so great. For the cost of one of the items, you can easily get 4.

ZAD gold octopus earringsNext are the  Octopus earrings that I got for my friend for her birthday! Aren't they cute?

She has a necklace that matches them, so I thought they would be a nice addition to the package I sent for her day.

All The Rage Orange Chain Necklace The third item I ended up with is the All the Rage two toned metal chain necklace in orange and gold.
This is a long necklace! The chains are asymmetrical and the orange is nice bright but not neon color.
Admittedly it does feel a little cheapy kind of like Claire's/Icing/Forever 21's jewelry tends to feel. This is not heirloom stuff, but it's perfectly fine for everyday or occasional wear.

I like the length of it, and after looking at it, it seems like you can easily make it longer or shorter if you hook it differently in the back.

All The Rage Feather Duster Earrings The next item I received are these duster earrings. Somehow I missed the fact that they are soooo long, but I really really love them!
They're much more vibrant than my photo shows, they look like the photo on LBB's site.

The chains are well made, and surprisingly light. My ears are usually sensitive to metals and I haven't had any issues at all with these earrings.

They're great paired with a white tank top for a nice pop of color!

Micheal Marcus Eyeshadow Scream

The last item in my bag was something I traded for because I literally had about 1 hour left on my bag, none of my trades were coming to fruition for the one item I wanted to get rid of, an eyeshadow like this one, but in a different color.
I wear neutral eyeshadows. I don't wear crazy colors, I just don't like them.
Neutrals are easy, they're safe, I know how to work with them.
So I put out a trade for a couple of the neutral colors, and thankfully someone accepted!
This is shown in the color Scream. I have no idea why they're named the odd names they are, but whatevs. It's a grey toned cream color. Currently on the Micheal Marcus website, this same exact eyeshadow retails for $18.

Micheal Marcus Eyeshadow Scream, Swatch I'd never heard of Micheal Marcus before, and since the packaging quite frankly looks a bit cheap to me, I wasn't expecting much. [Especially not after the TERRIBLE eyeshadow I received in my Beauty Fix order.]
I was fully expecting something chalky with hardly any color payoff.

However, luckily I was totally wrong! The formula for this eyeshadow is really creamy, blendable and smooth. It's highly pigmented and has a great shimmer to it. all in all I definitely recommend these if you can get your hands on one!

So that's my whole box! I adore everything I received and I'm super excited to have gotten those items.
If you sign up, let me know what you get!

Once again, If you're interested, here is a link to check it out! 

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you all have a great weekend. 

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  1. I'm addicted to Little Black Bag, too!!! Love your stuff!