Thursday, May 17, 2012

Influenster Voxbox!!

Yesterday along with my Myglam Bag, I received my Spring Influenster Vox Box! The box is full of products and you try them out and review them on the Influenster site.
There are badges that you can receive for your profile, and those help determine which boxes you are eligible for. This month they also released a Mom's Box in honor of Mother's Day, so I thought that was really cool for all the moms out there who get goodies to try.

 Opening up the box, the was a card saying that it's the Influenster Spring Box! Yay!

The spring box I received is beauty themed. I filled out a questionaire about myself  and then the box came in the mail yesterday with everything in it. From what I've seen online, everyone got the same products, they just changed the skintone of things, or the style a little bit to suit peoples individual preferences.

 The back of the card explains about everything included in the box. I was surprised at everything we received!
The list is Sheer Cover Concealer, Aveeno Daily Moisturizing body wash, Chapstick Lip Shield SPF 50, Sally Hansen Nail Effects nail strips, a full sized Bath and Body works fragrance mist! and lastly a SoyJoy bar. 
Another item included is the Dr Scholls Ball of Foot insole for dress shoes.

Here's a photo of my box contents! I got the mist in Twilight Woods, which smells really great. The chapstick I will definitely use this weekend since we are going outdoors, the Salon Effects are actually the same exact type I've been eying in the stores for months now, the foot insoles are always welcome, and the body wash is good to have around too! The only thing I'm iffy about is the SoyJoy bar, since sometimes soy products make me feel sick. But I'll eat it and see what happens.Today I'll be testing out the Sheer Cover and seeing how it holds up at my work.

If you can sign up for Influenster, I totally recommend it! The box selection process is random, but they keep track of who got a box already when so that the same people don't keep getting into every campaign and then others get nothing. So sign up and get badges and give it a try! It's a fun thing to try out and you might get lucky and get a box of goodies. I'll test everything and put reviews here.
I'm still testing out things from last month and will update soon with those!

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