Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Julep Maven January Box: Boho Glam

Hi everyone! This week, I received both of my January Maven boxes in the mail! Yay! So exciting. My boxes both had an extra in them for being one of the "original Mavens" which was a nice little perk. I ended up choosing the nail treatment, since I already had both of the other colors available as the perk. You can never have too much clear nail polish, right? I'm doing a separate post for the American Beauty box, since it's so image intensive. All the photos on here were taken with my new camera, so please let me know what you think!

If you're not sure what the Julep Maven program is, here's a link to my post detailing the program. If you would like to go sign up, or check it out, here's the link for the Julep Website!

The first box I got in the mail was the Boho Glam one. This is the preview email, detailing what is in the January box.
This month, the product is a Pomegranate Scrub. Last month was the matching lotion, so at least the scents are compatible. Then we have a bottle of Blake, their cream finish summery yellow that was in last years Summer collection, but is a classic. Then the new color in the collection, Heather, a metallic platinum "greige" Now for the unboxing! It's probably hard to tell, but they've really improved the packaging! If you compare it to one of my posts showing the first incarnation of the Maven box, you will see that they have really made the box better. It's much smaller, and now they're using crinkle paper for padding, along with bubble wrap. The set came wrapped in a pretty cellophane bag, with more crinkle paper inside, and the products were kept in place. They also tied the cello bag shut with a pretty grey ribbon. Opening it this month was really just like opening a carefully packaged gift, and I love that!
Here's a photo of all the contents, we have the card detailing what the specific contents are for the month, the cello bag with the products, and my bonus Nail Therapy in the separate little bubble wrap.
Here are the polishes! We have Blake, Heather, and the Nail Therapy. There was also another bonus inside the bag! It's a nail polish remover pad. [I admittedly already tested this, and will post my blog write up about it for you this week!] But it's always cool that they're working on new product lines and letting us try them out. I'm really happy with Heather as well, because it's a pretty shimmery neutral. It's kind of a khaki color, but metallic too, which makes it unusual, but still very wearable. I already own and love Blake, but I'm going to add this bottle to my growing box of duplicate colors. To be frank, I really wish there was a way to switch out colors we already own with another color instead. After being a Maven since September, along with ordering a few sets last year, I have quite a few of their colors already. I feel like the Maven program is really good if you don't order anything from them, otherwise you risk getting dupes.
Next we have the Pomegranate Body Scrub. Last month there was a bit of a fiasco with packaging of the body lotion that they sent out. Many people had problems with theirs coming undone in shipping, and making a total mess in their box. Thankfully that did not happen to me! But I was really glad to see that they listened to feedback, and heat sealed the product. I feel more comfortable using products that have that heat seal, because then I know it's sanitary. The other nice part is, if you want to give it as a gift, it does not look like you already opened the product! So props to Julep for fixing that.
Next we have a another difference I noticed this month. They started putting the names on the bottom of the bottles! I always have found it strange that they put them on the side on those huge rectangular labels. To me, those labels completely detract from the design of the bottle, and obscure an entire side. I don't like them placed on the lids either. So I'm really happy that they finally are starting to label the bottom like most other brands do. I think it looks more professional and nicer in general.
All in all, I am pretty pleased with the Boho Glam January box. I haven't tried the scrub out yet, but I'll review it when I do. I'm generally not a fan of pomegranate scented things, but the lotion smelled good to me, so I am hoping the scrub is scented the same. Heather is a really nice new color, and the bonus products are always fun to receive.

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