Monday, January 2, 2012

Lip Product Review: Maybelline Baby Lips in Peppermint

Happy 2012 Everyone! I have a ton of new posts coming up soon for you all! After seeing ads last year in November for Maybelline Baby Lip lip balms, I HAD to buy one. They had the whole set at Walmart, and to be honest, I wanted all of them. But I also knew I was going to be purchasing the Revlon Lip Butters, so I figured it was better to just get the clear version of the Baby Lips. Our walmart had all the shades, which include Quenched, Peppermint, Cherry Me, Grapevine, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss. Quenched and Peppermint are the clears. The rest all have color. Out of the colored versions, Peach Kiss was the most appealing to me color wise, but I unfortunately cannot stand the smell or taste of peaches. So that was a no go. The Grape looked way too dark for me. Cherry Me and Pink Punch did not seem special enough to justify either, so I just stuck with the peppermint. Sometimes it's no fun to be realistic, but I knew that the other colors just would not work so great on my NW15 skintone! After using it for a week, I managed to misplace it at work. I lose or wash 99% of the chap-sticks I buy. I have only ever managed to finish ONE. Ever. Yes, really. I missed my Baby Lips product, since I barely got to use it, purchased a replacement about a month ago & have been using it faithfully since. Using it regularly for that time period has made me have a very clear picture of what I enjoy and what I wish were different about this product. Basically, I love the cute packaging, how easily it twists up, & that the lid is not so hard to get off that it is ridiculous nor is it so lose it comes off in my purse. The green and purple tube is trendy and one of my favorite packaging styles from a product line last year. The peppermint scent and flavor is a true peppermint, there are no other weird residual flavors present. The lip balm is not greasy or hard and waxy. I also love that it has SPF in it! That's super important to me. The main con I have with this is the texture. It's way too soft, especially after you've had it in your pocket. I've had mine in my pocket, twisted it up and realized that the tube was partially melted. Since it's in stick form, this means that mine eventually turned into a mushed up conglomeration of pieces that had broken off while I was using it. I wish that the formula was just a touch less soft. To me, this is reminiscent of carmex in the tub, or Petroleum Jelly, just made hard enough to stay in stick form if it's not exposed to any heat at all. I'm really not sure if I would buy this again, just because it gets super melty and turns into kind of a mess. I wish it was in a different format, such as a squeeze tube instead of the twist up stick form. In my opinion, as it is currently formulated, it just is too soft for stick form to be really usable. If they switched it to a squeeze tube, I would buy it again in a heartbeat because everything else is so perfect! Just as a note, here are some photos of my Baby Lips product after a month of regular use. This is after it was carried in my pocket, my purse, used tons & after I had to reform the stick because it got so soft that it fell off when I put it on my lips.
7/10 overall from me.

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