Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Julep Maven January Box: American Beauty

Hey everyone! This month, my American Beauty box arrived second. This months box contained two nail polish colors that I do not already own, so it was a very exciting day to get the mail. As always,

If you're not sure what the Julep Maven program is, here's a link to my post detailing the program. If you would like to go sign up, or check it out, here's the link for the Julep Website!

This months preview image looked like this:
Usually, I am not a fan of purple. But these colors are just so bright and pretty that they sucked me right in. If you already own and love Helena and Taylor, then Anne will fit right into your collection! I'm super into the shimmer finish right now, so Maria made me happy to see too. Then we have the pomegranate scrub, and the bonus thank you gift for being an original maven. Sweet! Okay time for the unboxing! I always like to juxtapose the promo images with my own so that you all can get a better sense of what the colors really look like a little bit better. Here you can see the nice little card explaining what is in the box. In this box, it was on top. Not sure why it was on the bottom in my Boho Glam, but that's okay!
Julep Maven, Julep American Beauty January
Then we have the adorable cello bag, with the goodies inside, all tied up nicely with the grey ribbon. So pretty!
Here you can see the colors, the nail therapy, pomegranate body scrub, and the bonus sample of the nail polish remover pad! I know I mentioned it in the Boho Glam review, but just in case there is someone who didn't read that one, I used the nail polish pad already and will have a review up for you all soon! I also am going to let you know how the body scrub works out. They fixed a packaging flaw that happened with the lotion last month, that resulted in many people ending up with lotions that came open in transit. Thankfully this month they heat sealed the jars, which is a definite improvement! I prefer heat sealed products because they're more sanitary and look much nicer for gift giving purposes.
Here's my try to get a close up shot of the colors for you. My camera had a really hard time with this, and they turned out much much lighter looking than they are. I would say that Anne is about 2 shades darker than the polish appears in this photo, and Maria has more pink in it. For Maria, I would compare the color to a metallic rose pink that completely reminds me of a metallic barbie jacket from the 80's. I know that's probably a terrible description but it is what keeps popping in my head when I look at it.
Julep Maria, Julep Anne, Julep American Beauty January
This box was the one I was definitely most excited about to receive this month! Both colors are new to me, and are both really pretty wearable shades. I love that they gave one cream finish and one metallic so that we can have both! The theme this month was Resort Collection, and I really feel that these bright fun colors mixed with trendy shimmers absolutely captured that. Every month surprises me and I'm super happy to be part of this program. *all products shown in this review and the January Boho Glam review were purchased by me with my own money*

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