Sunday, January 22, 2012

Julep Maven February Box Sneak Peeks!

So as you know, I have two style profiles that I picked for the Julep Maven Program. I've been a member now since they launched back in September. Originally I was American Beauty, but then when all the profiles were released, I signed up for Boho Glam as well.

To me, both profiles represent my personality, but the Boho Glam is more of what I would actually purchase myself. It's generally colors I would have chose in the store, so I call it my "Safe" box. American Beauty is usually what are more "classic" colors, but strangely for me, those are the more boundary pushing choices for me, because it involves colors such as red, or purple, which I normally would not buy myself. That said, so far I've been impressed every time by both of the profiles. Boho Glam gets me my safe option so I don't feel resentful for missing out on my regular colors, but American Beauty pushes me to try new colors, and expand my horizons a bit.
I realize that sounds silly since it's just nail polish, but it's true!

Okay on to the regular part. If you're unsure what this Maven thing is, here's my blog post with all the details! If you join, you can always cancel, or skip a box, or change profiles. It's really really nice that way.

This months theme is Oscars! At first I was like hmm...but after seeing their swatches on here, I get it.

Below I posted the 5 different available profiles. (click on the image to make it larger!)
This month as you can see, Julep is launching something totally different! They're going into haircare territory!, with the premiere of Julep Topcoat for Hair! I am so bummed that neither of my profiles comes with the hair topcoat. =( 
I really really want to try it SO badly, but I also really adore the color choices in "my" boxes, and am not willing to give them up to try the hair product. I am sad that Julep basically locked people into only getting one or the other, as it seems a bit unfair towards those of us who have already received the cuticle oil in prior boxes.

Part of the reason I signed up for this program was for the ability to get to try their NEW Products, and I feel like I'm getting stiffed that chance this month because I happen to be the wrong profiles, which is frustrating. It's a small thing, but still something they really need to take into account. 

All profiles come with Oscar, a gorgeous gold flake topcoat kind of color, which I love. This is also something that some were not pleased about, because it comes in every box. Personally I don't mind, since I think it's really pretty. 
It Girl is their "Nail Polish Lovers" box, it always has 3 nail products now, which they changed after people voiced displeasure about being forced to get products.

I'm excited to try the color Glenn,because I normally don't buy reds, but it looks beautiful. Marisa is right up my alley because I love blue, it's my favorite color. 

Unfortunately, since we can't chose the hair product to be in our box instead of the oil, I'll probably end up purchasing it. I also would love to get Elizabeth, since their shimmer finish is my favorite one, and it's blue too! 

I'm curious to see if Zoe is a dupe for Rachel, because they look very very similar to me. 

I admire Julep because they are willing to listen to feedback and have been making changes and tweeks to evolve the program into something that their subscribers really love being a part of. 
That, and their amazing customer service are why I continue to be loyal to them, along with their great products. 

What box are you signed up for this month? Are you excited about the hair product, or not feeling it? Let me know in the comments and thank you so much for reading! Hope you all have a great sunday. 

*note* All images in this post are property of Julep, they are not owned by me, and were not taken by me. Credit is to them only. 

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