Thursday, January 19, 2012

CVS Haul & Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Review

I went to CVS in search of mascara, since mine expired and I have the terrible habit of using the expired one over and over again before realizing THATS why my eyes are itching like crazy. This time I realized it was expired before that happened, but that left me with only non-waterproof mascara to use. Between the sunblock I use as moisturizer, and my apparently oily face, I get raccoon eyes in no time without waterproof formulas. While there, I noticed that they had a whole display of Dream Bouncy Blushes by Maybelline. I had seen these reviewed on youtube and they looked really neat. Generally I don't wear blush but I've been trying to figure it out since it would be nice to have some color on my otherwise extremely pale face! Since I am super pale (NW15), & was not sure how pigmented these products were, I decided to just pick up one color.
                                                                                                                                                                              Here is what the packaging looks like. It's a cute bubble dome with a hinge, and it has the color number on the front. The back lists the name, and the whole thing is very cutesy and contemporary looking. It snaps shut easily, and nicely, without being too hard to open. It feels like it would be fine to throw in your purse for touch ups because it clicks shut securely.

I got color 30, Candy Coral.  The texture is so cool. It's a cream blush, which I've never really used before. It's very soft and fluffy, some have said it was like a marshmallow, which is totally what it feels like to me. I pushed on it a bit so you could see how soft it is. I swatched on my hand, because I tried taking photos of me wearing it, but the lighting was really terrible. I actually had a hard time getting a good amount of color payoff from this product, which is disappointing since as you can see, I'm very pale. My skintone is a NW15 in Mac products, so usually most blushes are way way too bright on me and I have to buff half of it off so I don't look like a clown. That was most definitely not the case with this! I actually got a little frustrated because more color stayed on my fingers than on my face. I would like to try a brush application to see if it helped get more of a payoff.
I really wish I had purchased the color Tamale. It looks like a bright fiery color in the package, but I bet it would show up the best out of all of them.

All in all, it stayed on my face okay, but I wish the color was easier to get to the level I wanted it. However, this is a really nice blush because it's creamy, it's a great consistency, and you can build it up, you just have to have patience. It's not as pigmented as I would have liked though. I give it a 7/10

This is my total purchase from CVS. I love Maybelline mascaras, they have to be waterproof like I said, but they're my favorite brand.
I don't have a baby, but I buy baby shampoo. Why? Because it's the cheapest most effective eye makeup remover I have found. It doesn't irritate your eyes, it helps clean out allergens that have collected in your eyes during the day, and just makes them feel so much better and refreshed.
Another tip is, if you are a college student, or lacking on sleep, make sure you wash out your eyes with baby shampoo in the morning! It helps get the protein buildup off of your eyes, and will make them not feel or look so tired. No one will guess you're sleep deprived that day because your eyes will look well rested!

It seriously takes off everything, even the most stubborn waterproof mascaras I've had that other facewashes didn't touch. If you use the oil cleansing method, this can also be good if you get the oil in your eyes by accident.

As you can see, I also purchased another Baby Lips product. I picked up Pink Punch. I will do a swatch of it for you, but this product wasn't at all what I expected! I expected a lightly pink tinted balm. Instead it looks like I'm wearing Barbie Pink Lipstick when I put it on! Definitely wishing I had picked up the Peach one instead since I really liked that color. It's not a bad color, it actually reminds me a lot of the Revlon Lip Butters in coverage. I just was looking for more of a sheer tinted lipbalm look from it.

That's my latest CVS purchase! Thanks so much for reading! Hope you all have a great weekend.


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