Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Julep October Boxes American Beauty & Boho Glam unboxing!

First off, apologies for being away for a week. I helped my grandparents move down from Oregon, so I went up there for a week in order to help them pack, and I was one of the drivers on the way down. The drive took 14 hrs on sunday, so I recovered yesterday. But now I am back!

My October Julep Maven boxes arrived while I was up there, and I have been dying to get to open them up!

If you're not sure what the Julep Maven program is, here is a link to a previous post about the program, and here is a link to their website so you can go check it out. If you use the coupon code FB, your intro box only costs $5! Not too shabby.

First, I unboxed the American Beauty profile box. I'm not sure if you can tell, but Julep made the boxes that they send the products in smaller. I am so glad! I kept one of my previous months boxes in order to store my polishes, and another for the hand creams and things that they sent. The boxes are nice and sturdy, so they would also be great for wrapping Christmas presents in! You could also redecorate the gift bags and reuse them as well.

Opening the box, the two nail polishes [yay we got 2 this month like the intro box!] were wrapped in tissue, and then the new Age Defying Hand Brightening cream! I haven't had a chance to test it out yet, but I'll definitely let you know.

Another difference this month is that there were no product samples included. That's okay though, because I really do not need more samples of either the hand scrub or the SPF hand cream.

The two colors in the American Beauty box are one of the New Holiday 2011 collection colors, Brooklyn, which is a GORGEOUS sparkly true crimson red. It's stunning. So so pretty. I cannot wait to wear it. The second color included is Dendrie, a "chic, dove grey"

Admittedly, I was less excited about this one because from the photo it looks like an exact dupe of Annette, which the company also described as a "dove grey". However, I compared the two colors and they are distinct from one another. But I probably don't need any more grey nail polishes between the two of those. Here's a comparison shot of Annette and Dendrie next to one another so you can see. Annette is on the right, Dendrie on the Left.

I was wary of the bright sparkly red, but I think that's going to be my fun holiday color that I end up wearing to holiday parties, along with Sienna, their gold polish.

Here is a shot of Dendrie separately, so you can get a better sense of how it looks. Brooklyn turned out beautifully in the above photo, but Dendrie looked washed out. My camera tends to focus on the darker color, and the lighter one gets washed out next to it.

For the Boho Glam Box, the packaging is the same deal. A smaller box, with a gift bag tied with ribbon [love the attention to detail!], and inside the bag is a tissue wrapped set of the two nail polishes, and the box of hand cream. There's also the nice profile card on top so you can see what you are getting inside.

The colors included in this months Boho Glam profile are their 2011 Holiday color of Gayle, which is a deep creme finish purple eggplant color, and then Malin, a "pink champagne" color.

Unfortunately, since the colors are so drastically different I had a hard time getting a good shot of both.

Here's a shot of Gayle alone. I plan on swatching Gayle, I'm still a bit skeptical about it because I don't generally wear purple. But I am hoping it looks good on, and I know the quality is good!

Here's a better photo of Malin so you can see.

Out of the two, I have to say Malin is the one I am more excited to wear, but that it also looks almost exactly like the color Jennifer. Malin in on the left, Jennifer on the right.

Comparing the two, they are not exactly the same. While they are the same color, Jennifer is a creme finish and Malin is shimmery. I prefer the shimmery version so I am excited to add Malin to my collection. It's a nice neutral, and those are always useful to have, so I'm not upset about it being so close.

All in all, I love both my profile boxes. They are completely different from each other, and that's great! My favorite is Brooklyn, and second favorite is Milan. So neither box was a bad choice and I'm happy to own all the colors.

It should also be interesting to try out the hand cream and see how it works.
Thanks so much for reading!

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