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Shiny Feet Foot Peel Review

Being around online in beauty communities, I kept reading about the Baby Feet foot peel. It's basically an acid peel for your feet that magically causes all the dead skin to peel off in layers.
I was desperate for something to get all the calloused thick skin off of my heels, and reading around online caused me to find this review of a product called Shiny Feet, which does the same thing as the ever famous Baby Feet, but costs half as much.

Curious, I ordered on Amazon, (This is not an affiliate link), and eagerly awaited my package. It arrived, and opening it revealed not a brown box like pictured in the blog above, but a Blue version!
Tony Moly Shiny Foot, Shiny Feet, Korean Foot Peel, Baby FeetI was a little worried that I had somehow ordered a knock off, since it is amazon and that can happen unfortunately due to secondary sellers. But looking on the Tony Moly website, it appears they have switched packaging.

Opening it revealed two feet shaped pouches containing the acid peel solution.

 Also included are the "socks" that you put on, and then a little pouch of foot cream.

All in all, it's fairly straightfoward, although there was some confusion online about if you should soak your feet or not beforehand.

The backs of the feet shaped pouches have the instructions on them.

You put on the socks, making sure to put both layers on your feet, as the inner layer soaks up the solution and then the outer layer keeps it all in since it's plastic.
 Here are what the slippers look like. It's been said by many people that they look like the ones for clean rooms, and I agree with that.
It felt like I was prepping to walk in a hospital or something. haha.
But you can see here that each one has a sticker tab that you use to close the slippers, and then also a tie that goes around the ankles to keep it from moving around.

Unfortunately my photos of these on my feet did not turn out very well. But basically, you put on the slippers first. Open up one of the feet shaped pouches, and pour in the acid peel solution. On the first foot I did, I didn't focus on making sure it went in the bottom and I had to move my foot around a bunch to redistribute it. On the second foot I moved my foot over and concentrated the peel in the bottom.
My feet are a size 8.5 and I would say that these fit me just fine. I don't know if they would work well for size 10 feet though. But the stickers held up great as did the ties.
I left mine on for 2 hours and I DID NOT soak my feet beforehand. I personally figured that soaking before would cause the dead skin to soak up water and therefore not as much of the peel solution.

I did not experience any irritation for leaving the peel on for 2 hours. It was a little weird to walk around with the slippers on [I only got up 3 times in the time frame, and was careful walking around because I was scared of ripping the slippers.]

After the 2 hours, I was really happy to not have bags on my feet, and just washed off my feet with water and that was that.

Everything I read said to expect results in 5 days. I did the peel on a weds, and on Sunday was disappointed because nothing seemed to be happening. I took a shower, went to bed, woke up for work and was totally surprised by what I saw.

PLEASE NOTE, THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS ARE OF MY FEET. My feet with sheets of dead skin peeling off of them.
If that bothers you, I suggest you stop reading. For those who do not want to see the photos, just know that this product really does work, and works well. 

For those of you who do want to see the photos, here are my results:

My toes had some peeling at first. It's just barely noticable on the sides and on my big toe.
Tony Moly Shiny Foot, Shiny Feet, Korean Foot Peel, Baby Feet

 Underneath you can see more pronounced peeling.
It was like paper, just sheets of dead skin.
Tony Moly Shiny Foot, Shiny Feet, Korean Foot Peel, Baby Feet

  More gross peeling toe photos, sorry. But it seriously was crazy how much skin was coming off.

Tony Moly Shiny Foot, Shiny Feet, Korean Foot Peel, Baby Feet
Then we have my heel. After work, my heel had an area rubbed free of the dead skin because of my shoe.
I should note that none of this was painful at all.
The acid peel only effects the dead skin, so that's all that was coming off. It looks painful in this photo, but I assure you it was not at all! The pink color is because that's the fresh layers of skin underneath. It's not the skin being rubbed raw like it appears, I promise!

Tony Moly Shiny Foot, Shiny Feet, Korean Foot Peel, Baby Feet, Dead Skin PeelThen I looked at the bottoms of my feet, and realized that there were literally sheets of dead skin peeling off of them. It was really creepy looking. The peel worked best on the bottoms of my feet because that's where all the dead skin was at.

There are varied opinions on to peel it off yourself or not.
I did peel off the pieces that were really really loose, but I did not pick at my feet because I was scared of damaging my skin.

On the bottoms of my feet, the skin pretty much came off in sheets like this for the whole thing. Taking a shower made the skin start separating, and peeling.

 Here you can see how thick the dead skin that came off is.
It was like this on both of the bottoms on my feet, which was just crazy.

As you can see, it retains the patterns which was admittedly really weird.
If you enjoy putting glue on your hands as a kid, you will most definitely enjoy this peel.

The tops of my feet are still peeling off, although much much less dramatically than the bottoms. It's also a much much thinner layer.

My feet are nice and soft now, and completely normal looking. The skin on my heels is pinker than usual as well, and has barely any calloused areas left.

 I would say this peel was a total success! For $10, it is most definitely worth it. I am planning on doing it again.
If you need some extra help getting ready for wearing flip flops or sandals, and don't want to spend a ton of money, this is a really great way to accomplish that.
Just make sure you can schedule some time when you don't need to walk around much/at all, and I would say not to soak your feet beforehand. Also make sure you can wear close toed shoes for about 2 weeks after.

If you're diabetic, or have circulation problems, please make sure to consult a dr before using these foot peels.

Thanks so much for reading and even more if you got through those horrible photos! Let me know if this review helps you!

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