Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 2015 Popsugar Must Have

My June 2015 Popsugar Box finally arrived!
I originally had ordered because of this spoiler image from Popsugar

PopSugar Must Have, Summer 2015, June 2015, Subscription Box
Being that I am a total sucker for yoga stuff, coconut items, outdoors and everything Summer Themed, so this was a no brainer. 

The summer boxes are generally my very favorite ones and items that are used regularly in my life like the turkish towels from last year, came from Popsugar. 

If you're not sure what Popsugar is, it's a subscription box that ships out monthly. For $39.95 a month you get a curated box of lifestyle items, which includes beauty, home, fitness, and accessories. The boxes generally have a theme, and are also seasonal themed.  There are also deals if you buy 3 months worth of boxes at a time, or 6 months worth. If that sounds interesting to you, here is a link to get your own box. (Note, this is a referral link) Make sure that you use the code MUSTHAVE5 to get your $5 off of your very first box!

Now on to the June 2015 box: 

I was pleasantly surprised when the second spoiler came out and it was these sunglasses, by Quay Australia. 
Popsugar Must Have Sunglasses, Quay Australia, 2015 PopSugar Must Have Wayfarer style is my new favorite and my current pair is so scratched up that I can hardly see out of them, and my back-up pair had the arm snap off! So for me, this was truely a great surprise since I was going to buy a new pair of this style of sunglasses anyways, and now there is no need to.

When the surprise boxes line up with real life things I was going to purchase anyways as a replacement it makes me very very happy.

I think they were having trouble selling these boxes because of that fashion design box that turned out to be kind of a flop unfortunately. Generally they don't usually do such a generous coupon code AND also tell you a second spoiler like that.

The box shipped to me from New York, so I got mine fairly late in the game which is a bummer. Spoilers have been floating around for a couple of weeks now, so the surprise aspect was not really there for me, but that's okay! Looking up the box actually made me more excited for what was coming in the mail.

Because of the coupon code floating around for the free wallet with any subscription, I do have an extra item in my box.

Popsugar Must Have June, Popsugar 2015, Popsugar June 2015, Qauy, Judy Blume, In The Unlikely Event, Spongelle, Sweet and Spark, Pacifica Eyeshadow Palette, Summer 2015,Soriel, Must Have, Subscription Box

The contents breakdown:
  • Bonus in my box from the Coupon Code: Soriel Wallet $49 (you can currently find these on Ebay for $20, so the value is fairly fluid)
  • Total Box Value: 135.77  w/o the free gift. With the free gift, around $155.77-$185.77 depending upon where you buy the clutch. 
All in all this box is a win for me. I loved Judy Blume books as a teenager, so this will be perfect to read. I've been needing a headband for at night, but it's totally one of those things that I keep forgetting to buy. The gummy candy is a fun addition, although Vitamin infused items can make me sick so I have to be careful. The spongelle is a fun item that would have never occured to me, the sunglasses were really needed, and the eyeshadow palette is perfect because I just used up all of my Stila Lame' which was a bright yellow just like this one. 

Anyone else just now get their boxes? I'm hoping July shows up a little bit sooner than this one did.

Speaking of July, they have released a spoiler and it looks intriguing! Also, they are giving away 10 Sephora GiftCards worth $100 each to 10 lucky subscribers. here is a link to get your own box. (Note, this is a referral link) Make sure that you use the code MUSTHAVE5 to get your $5 off of your very first box!

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2015 Box Theme Spoilers + Coupon!

Happy Summer and thanks for reading!

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