Thursday, June 12, 2014

IPSY June 2014

Hey everyone!
My IPSY Bag came in really early this month. The tracking email hasn't even been sent to me yet, and yesterday was the day that the product reveal email was sent. So I was pretty surprised that it showed up in my mailbox today.

IPSY is a $10 a month subscription service, and you get full size/deluxe size/sample sizes in it, all in a different cosmetic bag every single month. There are usually 5-6 items in the bags, and the brands are generally more drugstore types. Personally I love it because you always get your monies worth, they offer great product discounts every month on the products they sell and the bags are usually really nice. They've improved their service quite a bit from the first MyGlam bag that was sent out.

 The bag is from Rebecca Minkoff, and a really cute tropical print with the lining being red.
It has a metal zipper tab and plastic red zipper.

The theme this month is "Pretty in Paradise" which is definitely one of the better Summer themes I have seen in a subscription box.

I like that it has a fun tropical Hawaiian feeling print. Normally I don't like prints, but I feel like they are perfect for small items like a cosmetic bag, because then it has personality.

The card is just the standard one that does not show any product info at all, other than some brand names.

Here are the products unbagged! (click to make the image larger)

First we have the Laneige BB Cushion Sample Packet. I don't really count this in the price scheme of the bag because this is a sample card, and they're usually free. So $0.

NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Streudel. It's a nice peachy pink. Their gloss is good, fairly opaque, but slightly sticky. $5 on, but you can get them on sale often on ULTA, or at CVS Drugstores. 

Next we have Be a Bombshell Mascara Lash Out Mascara in Intense Black. Retails for $15.
Apparently, some peoples smells really terrible. Thankfully mine does not smell rancid. It does have a chemical smell, but most mascaras have that. I do wish it was waterproof though because non waterproof mascara gives me horrible racoon eyes in about 5 mins after application. 

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray. 
I have soooo many of these sprays because every summer, every box gives these out. I just got another on in my POPSUGAR Box. Which is fine, there are bound to be repeats. But can't we get something more creative here?
$9.50 for 4.2 oz , our size is a 1.52 oz bottle, so it's worth $3.43

Lastly is a shimmer eyeliner by NIKKAK New York.
Mine is in the color Blue. I would have actually preferred white since I love how white eyeliner looks. This blue is okay, but it's a pretty juevenile looking color. It'll work for 4th of July, but it's really not my favorite. The formula is good though, really pigmented, smooth and it says on even if you rub super hard after application, there's no smudging.  We got a full size, which retails for $5.

Even not counting the sample card, the bag is worth about $28, so you definitely get your money back.
The products are all good. I'm most excited to try out the mascara, the bb cream, and the lipgloss.


  1. Sweet ipsy box! Kinda bummed out I didn't get it now... Oh, I also wanted to know if you could do a review on Vain Pursuits? I'd love to hear what you have to say about them!

  2. I was actually a bit disapointed with June's ipsy bag, much preferred the one for July! Have you tried vain pursuits? They're similar to ipsy but for skincare!