Sunday, September 23, 2012

MyGlam/IPSY for September

 For those of you following my blog, I've subscribed to MyGlam since January I believe?
It's a $10 a moth subscription service that always comes in a pretty pink mailer.
They changed their name to IPSY and restructured the website to be more community based. It's kind of like Pinterest, but you can share videos and things on there now.

 Opening it up, there's the card that explains the change, along with the products.
 Here are all the products laid out!
There's a SOHO smudge brush, Carol's Daughter Monoi split end treatment, Andrea's Choice Circus Nail Polish in Tightrope, Jane sparklegloss in a bright pink, Mirabella Eyecolor in SemiFormal, and a really cute black clutch that zips up and would be great for your purse, or as a clutch.

The products are nice, but this was kind of the bag that made me realize that while I love the company, and the products are decent, for me it just isn't worth the $10 a month. I've spent $80 this year on this subscription and I really think I would have been happier just buying from Sephora with that $80 instead.
 When I opened up the tube and took Tightrope out, I immediately noticed that it looked really familiar. Then I thought about it and realized that it looked almost exactly like Juleps Helena to me.
Sure enough, when I got out the bottles, they're nearly identical. I painted both onto a white card and you cannot tell the difference.

 The eyeshadow sample is a really tiny mini pan of the color SemiFormal, which is a bronze colored shimmer eyeshadow.

It's okay, but a little too bronze for me to wear on my eyes. I also thought the size was really tiny, and it's weird that they didn't at least give us something to hold it in. I don't really want a loose eyeshadow sample floating around my makeup drawer, because it'll just get chipped and break over time.
Here's a swatch on my hand of the eyeshadow. Again, not bad. I like the color.
The mini palette does fit into the ELF $1 studio palette if anyone is curious! I plan on buying one for it.

All in all, while this was a good bag and I do like MyGlam, I realized that I just can't justify spending even the $10 a month on it anymore. It adds up over time, and I'd rather just save up that same money and buy holiday sets at the end of the year, and splurge on special items with the same money. So that's going to be my strategy from here on out.

I cancelled my second BB, my MyGlam, my Sample Society, my Glossybox, and my second Julep Maven account because of that.
I also am planning on skipping most Julep boxes. When my BB annual sub runs out, I won't be renewing it for another year. I paid for 3 months of the PopSugar one, but we'll see how that goes too.
This has been my year of Subscription Boxes, and while it's been fun to get the tons of mail every month, it made me kind of overwhelmed.
I currently have tons and tons of samples that I'm trying to work through, and use up. It made me realize that while I do love the surprises, I would much rather just sock away 10 or 20 a month and do the end of the year purchases with sales codes instead. i feel like I could have gotten way more stuff I would actually want to use and adore to have with the same amount of money.
I also am paying off my debt, and the monthly subs were definitely hindering that. At one point I think I was spending almost $200 a month on Subscription Boxes!

I think MyGlam/Ipsy is great, but it just turned out to not be the one for me!

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