Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 2012 Julep Maven Unboxing!

 If anyone is unfamiliar with the Julep Maven program, it's a monthly subscription that costs $19.99 a month.
It's nail polish, but they also have had makeup and other extra products lately as well.
Some people don't like them straying from Nail Polishes, but I really love their other products, so to me it's fun to see what they come out with next!
I've been a Maven since it's launch back in August of 2011!
  For those unfamiliar with Julep, here's my blog post explaining it all, and here's a link to the site for anyone interested in signing up! (just for clarity that is a referral link)

I was surprised when I opened my box and found a personal note from Jane, the owner of the company, and a special Keychain that says "I'm an Original" on it.
I was not expecting anything like that, so it was really a sweet gesture!
This was their Anniversary Month, since they started a year ago, so those of us who have been with them since the beginning received this little extra as a Thank You.

 Here's a close up of the "dog tag" keychain that they sent out!
 The box comes with a card stating the contents, and another nice card with a cute inspirational quote on it. They change the quotes every month, and each month has a different theme.

August's Theme is "Metallics and Chromes"

As you can see, there are two polishes and the extra is a pump Nail Polish Remover!
Another nice extra included was a reusable tote bag with the staying "Beauty is about Connection, Not Competition".

You can see the products here as well.

My profile is Boho Glam, but I often switch to American Beauty as well. This month I stuck with it because I love both colors!
Isla is a pretty shimmer white, and Piper is a metallic Teal Chrome. Both are beautiful and I love their shimmer/metallic finish polishes the best.

Also you can see the nail polish remover with the pump! I've never had one like this before. You put the cotton ball on top of the pump and push down, and it dispenses the remover into the cotton ball. Super easy to use and way better than the regular bottle.

The nail polish remover works really well, and I love the nail polishes.

Don't forget to sign up if you're interested!

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