Saturday, July 14, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Swatches and Review

Don't worry, this site IS still about reviews! I am using a bunch of products with intent of reviewing them soon, I just like to actually use things for awhile before giving reviews so that they're more useful to people!

I picked up these lipsticks earlier this week at Walmart. I've been trying out lipstick after not wearing any since high school.
When I first tried out lipsticks, everything came in super dark colors, which I am not into at all, and everything I tried tasted and smelled like crayons or wax. So I wrote off lipstick and haven't tried it until now.

I feel like the companies FINALLY have started releasing a true variety of colors instead of just all goth dark colors, or weird bright neon colors I can't wear, or orange, or old lady pink. Now they have nudes, and neutrals, and even the dark colors and shimmers have been redone so they look more modern.

Revlon has a huge display in my walmart, with at least 30 different versions of the Super Lustrous lipsticks. They have them broken into color groupings, which I like, and also broken up by finish.

I like matte or peal finish lipsticks so I decided to go with those for my first two.

 The package is a standard lipstick tube. The regular Super Lustrous Lipstick comes with a gold tube, and the Matte comes with a Silver. I'm not sure if other varieties also have the silver tube instead.

It's nice sleek standard lipstick packaging, but I like that.

 Here are the two colors I purchased side by side so you can see the difference. (If you click on the photo you can see it full size)

The one on the left is Silver City Pink, and on the right is Nude Attitude.

I picked Silver City Pink because it actually reminds me of my very first real lipstick. It was a Mary Kay one that was hot pink and frosted. It came in a gold tube and looked so pretty! I remember they also had a frosted white version that my friend and I would wear. This reminds me of that, but in an updated more wearable way.
Nude Attitude is a matte, which I also wanted to get. I've been wanting to get a nude lipstick to see how it is to have a real one. In high school I used to actually wear my concealer on my lips as lipstick because at the time there were no nude lipsticks that I could find! So funny.
So both of these are an homage to my teenage self in a way.

 Here they are swatched on my hand. (click the photo to see full sized!) Top is Silver City Pink and bottom is Nude Attitude.

As you can see, the nude is a bit dark/orange for my NW15 skintone, but I really like it.
The Silver City Pink is a nice shimmery pink that is very neutral and easy to wear. It's subtle, not bright hot pink like most pearl finish pinks tend to be.
 Swatched on my lips is the Nude Nuances.
I'm curious how this compares to some of the MAC Nudes from their recent lines. But on me this color is a pretty peachy orange nude.
The formula is a little drying though, so I think I would suggest exfoliating your lips and putting chapstick on before or after applying this color.
It also shows every line as you can tell.
Silver City Pink. This is a much cooler toned lipstick, but I like that even though it's shimmery it doesn't look crazy or like I'm wearing a grandma lipstick either.
[you know what I'm talking about!]

The formula is more moisturizing than the matte is, which is to be expected. It's a pretty sheer pink color that is very wearable and I'm super happy with it.

All in all, I highly recommend checking out these lipsticks. They have a TON of color selections available, especially in the huge display at Walmart. I believe I paid about $6 each for these, but I would have to double check.
I'm not a lipstick person and I found these to be super wearable and pretty, which surprised me.

If you own these already, what's your favorite color in them?

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