Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Julep July Add On Colors: Daphne and Kate.

My Julep Maven Box Add On colors came in the mail today!

I love that for $4.99/color you can add up to two add ons to your Julep Maven boxes each month. It's nice that they realize that not everyone wants to buy 5 boxes to get all the colors, but at the same time, you still might want one or two of the other colors besides your boxes.
This is a good solution to that conundrum!
 When I opened the box, I thought that Daphne looked a little familiar. But the thing is, I have about 50 bottles of Julep Polish now, due to being a subscriber since they first started the Maven Program back in September.

I also really love that shade of teal, so I have a lot of items in that color already.

 Kate is a gorgeous shimmery white. I don't have any white nail polishes, so I was really happy to get to pick this one out as an add on! Here's a swatch of Kate with one coat. It went on really opaque for one coat, and was very easy to paint on.It does not look like white out like the flash made it appear. Instead it's a very pretty warm white with a subtle shimmer in it. I think it's much better than the other flat white polishes that end up looking too bright and stark.

Just for kicks, I grabbed the colors I felt were most similar to Daphne from my collection and realized that it is a dupe of one of the older colors I already own!

If you already own Miranda, then Daphne will look familiar to you because they're the same color as far as I can tell.
Miranda looks a barely perceptible amount of green different, but the difference is so small, it really looks like they're the same exact color formula.

Here is a side by side comparison of the bottles. Daphne is on the Left, Miranda on the Right. 
For some reason my camera makes Daphne look a touch more white based than Miranda, but in person, to my eyes, they look identical. I thought it was also interesting that the screenprint of Juleps company name is significantly lighter on the bottle of Daphne. 

Here's a swatch on my nails, again, Daphne on the Left, Miranda on the Right.

Please excuse the messy manicure! But they really do look the same.
The formula for both dried to the same finish and painted on the exact same way as well.

Anyone else notice this?
I try to post about the dupes that I find as much as possible because it's always a bummer to buy a color and realize you already own the same one under a different name! Conversely, if you used up your bottle of Miranda last year, was sad it was discontinued and wanted more, now is your chance!
I don't mind having two bottles of the same color because this is my favorite shade of blue ever.

What add ons did you end up with this month? 

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you all have a great day.

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