Saturday, July 7, 2012

MyGlam July Bag Sneak Peeks

MyGlam has been posting sneak peeks on their FB page recently, and then on Makeup Talk, everyone is abuzz trying to figure out the products!

For those unfamiliar with MyGlam, it's a monthly beauty subscription service started by Beauty Guru Michelle Phan. The premise is that every month they send a different cosmetic bag with about 4-5 samples in it to try out. It costs $10.

I feel like they've been upping their game since last month. Previous months did not really impress me and I was going to cancel, but decided to give them one more chance and am glad that I did!
Last months bag was really a good one, and I feel like this months bag will be too.

Obviously, if you do not want to see spoilers for the July Bag, this is not the entry for you to read!
Note: All the below photos are property of MyGlam. They are not my own photos!

 First, you can see the mesh bag that they're sending out!
I think it's super cute and one of the nicer bags they've had so far.

The product shown looks an awful lot like NuMe Hydrating Punch Hair Conditioner.
 The following two products are OR products according to Zadidoll.

The guesses for this are Juice Beauty and Kiehls brands.
You get one of the two in your bag though.
 These two products are also OR products, according to Zadidoll. [she knows the MyGlam Peeps! So trust her!]

These are lip products, guesses are Revlon or Smashbox Lipstains [although many brands have that same cap type, so it's tricky].
and Buxom lip products.

Again, you get one of these two products in your bag!
 Say Yes to Cucumber Wipes! I keep hearing about these, so I'm personally really excited to get to try them out!
This product is a mystery! It was made in collaboration with Angela's Choice.

It looks like it might be a powder, or a brush in a case, or a sharpener are some of the guesses so far!
I always love seeing all the guesses and then coming back to read them after it's been revealed what the item is!

It's funny to me how SURE people get about their guess and then come to find out that it's completely wrong.

I am super excited about this months bag! It looks like one of the best ones yet to me.

In general I feel like sometimes their target market is more of a 14 year old girl than an adult woman. But I like how fun and cute everything is in this bag. Some of their prior bags didn't really wow me, like the Valentines Day one, but I'll give them a couple more months and see how I feel then.

Who else is super excited to see what they get and if the predictions are correct?
Mine shipped out and I'm super antsy to get it and be able to open it up! I feel like they're really trying to redeem themselves. 

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