Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mega Blog Sale!

Hi everyone!

So I'm trying to sell items I have and don't really need, as much as I love them, in order to clear out space.
I would love to get all these items to homes where they will be used and loved by people like you.=]

Shipping WILL absolutely be combined if you buy multiple items.
I ship USPS, and shipping is not included in the prices listed!Unfortunately I have to limit shipping to USA/CANADA ONLY just because I don't have a lot of free time right now, and I would like people to get their packages in a timely manner.
Paypal is the ONLY payment method I can accept.
Payment must be sent first. I will send out items with insurance (for your safety and mine!) and email you the confirmation #/tracking.

Shipping will be $5.00 for the first item and then  50 cents each additional. If you buy a bunch of stuff/heavy items, I'll put them in a flat rate box instead since that would be less expensive.

**No refunds/exchanges, all sales are final.**

If you have any questions about the items, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Please comment if you would like something. I will contact you privately to set up payment.
I can only ship on Tues/Weds, due to working full time. If I don't get back to you right away, please do not think I am ignoring you! I will try to ship in the morning on my workdays if I can make it to the post office.

I will go in order of comments, and in the event of someone changing their minds/non payment, I will move on to the next person who expresses interest in the item.

Thank you so so much for looking!
Here are all the items for sale: *** Click on photos to view full sized images***

Also, check back, I'll add more items if I find more things to sell on here. Happy Hunting! 


 Zad Floral Bangle: Retail Price - $26. Enamel with gold colored metal. Asking - $10 plus shipping

 Hello Kitty Watch. Official Sanrio licensed product.
Retail - $30. Asking $12 plus shipping.

NYX cosmetics rollerball shadow. Swatched once on hand.
Asking: $1 plus shipping.  

MMS Design Studio Straw and Faux Suede Clutch with removable gold chain. Brand new, never been used, only photographed, has tags still attached.
Retail: $50.  Asking: $35 plus shipping.

Dimensions are: 1.25" L x 1.5" W x 6" H
Chain is detachable. 

Nail Polishes:

 Julep Nail Polishes: $5 each. All have been swatched once when I first got them. Colors from left to right are as follows: Melissa, Sofia, Stefani, Portia, Sarah, January, Olivia, Heather, Rachel, Boris & Nicole, Zoe, Alicia, Voila, Gayle, Charlotte, and one without a name sticker. It's a gunmetal grey color.

(Note, I'm not selling this as one huge lot, even though it's photographed that way! If there is any particular color that you are interested in, you can buy just that one! Same goes with the ones below too. I just pictured them all in a group since it was easier.)  I mean, obviously if someone wanted to buy the whole thing, that's awesome, but I'm completely selling them as individual bottles too!

 These are all brand new, never been swatched.
Cuticle Oil - $5 *SOLD*
Lip Plumping Gloss in Arousal. [this has hot pepper extracts in it, so if you are allergic to capsicum, this is not a good product for you!] - $3 ON HOLD

Julep Nail Colors - $5/each
Melissa, Sofia, Courteney, Pippa

Brand new never been swatched Zoya polish in Shay. This is the mini size.


 Skincare Products:

St. Ives Olive Facial Cleanser. Used a few times.


 3 lab perfect cleansing foam. Never been used/opened. Brand new in tube.
Retails $50

Asking: $15 plus shipping.

 Exuviance Treatment Masque:
Retails: $34
Asking: $15 plus shipping

Eye Makeup:

 Sephora Brand Eyeliner pencil in Copper. Swatched once on my hand.
Shimmery copper color.


Physicians Formula Convertable Eye Color set for Hazel Eyes.
Used twice.


Global Goddess Eyeshadow in Shambala. Swatched once.
Could also be used for a blusher.


Smashbox Cream Eyeliner Duo in Caviar/Bronze.
Used a few times with a brush.


 Cargo eyeshadow quad in Burmuda.
Swatched once.
Retail $30.
Price: $20 plus shipping

Smashbox Picture Perfect Eyeshadow trio.
(it was a quad, but I used the one color completely up)
Colors used gently as pictured.


 Aloutte Brand eyeshadow in the color shown, it's a shimmery brown. Brand new in package. Came with some slight marking on the sides near the pan.

Retail $7.
Price $2 plus shipping. 

 L'oreal eyeshadow trio. Used once, as shown.


Eyeko Liquid Liner in Purple
Brand new, never tested or swatched.
Duplicated received!
Retails for $15.
Price: $5 plus shipping  


Lip Products:

 Smashbox mini lipglosses. Brand new never been used, or swatched.

From left to right: Glitz, Fame, and then 2 of Pout.
$2 for the set. 


 Vincent Longo full sized duo lip pencil in Lavender Lite and Grape. Swatched once.
Retails $25.
Price: $10 plus shipping

 Tarina Tarentino mini lip gloss. Used once.
Pink sparkle glitter color.


 Zoe & Zac lip shimmer in Currant.

Swatched once. Lipstick has some wear on sides from packaging.



 Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Hair Serum


Face Makeup:

Everday Minerals mini set: Colors are as shown in photo to the left.

$4 for the whole set. Some have been sampled, but I cleaned and sterilized the jars, and taped the sifter holes closed.


Body Lotions and Products:

 Julep Pomegranate Set of Body Cream and Scrub.
Please note that these were produced before Julep started "safety sealing" all of their products.
They have never been used, despite not having seals.
They are brand new, untested items.

$7 for the set

 Victoria's Secret Love Spell mini spray. Sprayed once.


 The Body Shop spiced vanilla soap and fragrance oil set.

Never been used or tested.

$7 for the set.

Philosophy Brand New Christmas scents. Never been used, never been tested.
Candy Cane: $10
Gingerbread Girl: $10

 Donna Karan Cashmere Mist lotion.
Brand new, never been used.



Lavanilla original vanilla scented perfume oil rollerball. Used 2 or 3 times.


 Victoria's Secret Scent Sampler:
Brand new, never been used.


 Victoria's Secret Scent Sampler
Brand new, never been used

 Victoria's Secret Scent Sampler
Brand New, never been used. $5
 Victoria's Secret loose scent samples:
Dream Angels Heavenly, Super Model, *SOLD*

Very Sexy Hot, Very Sexy Dare.
$1 each

Oscar De la Renta deluxe rollerball sample:

Accessories /Jewelry

Betsey Johnson brand new bow and rhinestone earrings

New on card, never been worn.
Retail $40
Price: $27 plus shipping

Missoni for Target Pencil Case, brand new, never used. $10

Socks: Size 4-10 never been worn/in packaging.

Disney Couture Wish Tinkerbell Necklace.
14k Gold Plated with Pave stones inset into the word Wish. Super cute necklace! I already own the Believe one though, so I'm letting this one go.

Brand new, never worn, comes with satin pouch as pictured.

Retail price is $60
Selling for $25 plus shipping. 

Again thank you SO MUCH for reading! I appreciate it.


  1. Hi interested in victoria secret scent sampler and smashbox mini gloss set.

    1. I'll take the first two scent samplers.

    2. Hi Emi! I'll email you right now. =]

  2. What color is the NYX Rollerball eyeshadow? Depending on if I have it or not, I might want it.

    But, I know I want:
    Smashbox Cream Eyeliner Duo
    Everyday Minerals Mini Set

    Shandi Naugle

    1. Hi! Awesome. =] The rollerball is in the color Taupe. Sorry about that! Somehow my photo of the color name never made it into the blog post.
      I'll mark those two items as pending just so they're reserved for you though!

  3. Okay, so I would love all three of those, if you still have the NYX rollerball. Can you invoice me?

    Shandi Naugle

    1. Sure thing, all three are yours. I'll send the invoice right now.
      Thanks so much!

  4. Hi, I'm interested in the eyeko and love spell.

    1. They're yours! I'll send you an invoice. =] Thanks so much!

    2. awesome thanks so much!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi! Yup, I have two of the Sofias. I listed them separate, since one has been used once and the other is brand new. =] All of those are still available, so they are yours! I'll send you your invoice for the 4 items right now.
      Thanks so much!

    2. I meant to say too sorry that the Eyeco got snagged already! Unfortunately I'm also trading my other purple one for a black, or else I would have sold it to ya.
      Thanks again!

    3. Aw no problem I'm excited for the things you do have. I just paid the invoice you sent, but I think maybe you forgot to charge me for something? Altogether I wanted:
      2 Sofia Polishes
      1 January Polish
      1 Cuticle Oil
      1 Super Model fragrance sample
      And 1 Dream Angels Heavenly fragrance sample
      So I think $22 + shipping? Oh well if you can send me an invoice for the difference I will pay it... Or if it's too much of a hassle that's okay too just let me know. Thanks again!

  6. Okay I looked at the detailed invoice I think you forgot to charge me for the cuticle oil if that one was still available for my order? Thanks!

    1. Oh my gosh, you're right. Sorry about that. My brain isn't working right, it was a long day at work.
      I'll send you a new invoice.
      Thank you so much for telling me! I put the cuticle oil with your stuff, when I was sorting it all out into each persons box who has ordered so far, but somehow forgot to put it on the actual invoice. Thank you for telling me!

    2. Actually, you know what, it's alright! Don't worry about it, it was totally my mistake. =]
      Thank you so much for buying my stuff.

      I'm putting together everyones packages, and I'll ship it all out on Tues at the absolute latest. Unfortunately my work schedule is really awful and I only have tues/weds off, so it's hard to get to the post office super fast. But I'm going to notify everyone via paypal once it all is shipped out so you all have your tracking numbers.

    3. Hey there Melissa. Just wanted to see if I should be able to see the tracking number in Paypal by now because I can't seem to find it. Please let me know, thanks!

    4. Hi! Sorry for the super slow shipping. I'm going to the post office today before work to drop off the packages at the USPS. I've been trying to get them mailed off all week but it's been super hectic. But I will definitely update the paypal with the tracking number today after I send them off. =] Sorry about that.

    5. No problem, I got the package today. Thank you sooooo much! It was all packaged so beautifully and I loved the samples you threw in thank you! I loved everything and you're right the necklace is so beautiful! I'm wearing it now I didn't give my hubby time to wrap it up lol. I might check back and see what you have left in a few weeks, until then good luck on your sales! :-)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Aww I just saw your post that's very nice of you. Thank you! If it's not too late to add on Courtney and Portia I'll do that and you can invoice me, but if everything's all ready ready to go then I can pass on them no worries. I shouldn't be spending the money, but I'm newly Julep obsessed... You know how it goes lol.

    1. lol I know how it goes for sure! That's how I have so many of these things. Yup, Courtney and Portia are still available! I'll send you a separate invoice. I haven't sealed the packages yet, so you're good! I just have everything grouped together so that I can make sure it's all there on mail out day. =]

    2. Okay it's paid. So excited. Thanks again!

    3. Thank you! I'll put them with the rest of your goodies. Yay!

    4. Awesome thanks! Oh man I just saw that you lowered the price of the Disney necklace too... I've been eyeing that since the beginning... Ahhh this blog is dangerous lol. Don't seal up my box just yet please I need to see how much self control I have before you ship it lol.

    5. Okay the bad news is I have no self control... The good news my hubby encouraged me to buy the Disney necklace as an early bday present for myself lol. So if I can order the Disney necklace too and add that to my box that's officially the last thing I'll buy you can seal up my box lol. Let me know if that's okay? Thank you!

    6. Ya that's totally fine! =]
      I promise that you will love it in person! It's super pretty. I'll add it in there today and send you an invoice after I get home from work.
      Thank you! I'm just happy my stuff is going to new homes where it'll be loved!

    7. It will definitely be loved! Thanks a bunch! Can't wait to see it all. I just paid the invoice. Have a great day! :-)

  9. That shipping sounds perfect also. Tuesday is great, no worries.

  10. Melissa- I am interested in a few of your items if they are still available. please let me know. Julep Pomegranate Set of Body Cream and Scrub, julep boris and nicole, and Lip Plumping Gloss in Arousal.

    1. Hi! I definitely still have those available. =] Just let me know what your email address is, and I'll send you a paypal invoice. Thanks so much!