Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blog Sale stuff, cancelation of sub boxes

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for everyone who purchased items through my blog sale! I shipped everything out the other day, so it all should be making its way to you as we speak.

There are still LOTS of goodies left for anyone else who is interested in purchasing though!

I ended up doing a hard look at finances and cancelling subscription boxes this month. I cancelled my secondary birchbox accout, my secondary Julep Maven box, my Glossybox subscription and my Sample Society sub as well.
I did sign up for PopSugars Must Have Bag, but I'll probably cancel that one as well after this month, simply because $30 a month adds up quickly.
Getting all the boxes in the mail is really fun,  but to be honest, so far Birchbox, my Boho Glam Julep profile and Myglam have been my favorites, especially for the price.

Right now my main focus is paying off the debt I have. Right now I owe $2600, which is a pretty substantial amount.
It's a bummer to have every paycheck go towards debt payment, so far I've been doing that for 7 months. But the light is at the end of the tunnel and soon I will be 100% debt free.
It's hard because I enjoy the fun aspect of cosmetics but it's easy to get caught up in spending tons of money on them. So my goal for this is to still review products, but to cut back and use up items from my current stash.
There are a bunch of items in my current product rotation, which will be reviewed once they've been used up/used more.

I'm going to go through my collection and add more items to my blog sale post, so stay tuned for that and thank you so much for reading and for helping me simplify my life! I appreciate it.

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