Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PopSugar Must Have July

I signed up for the PopSugar Must Have bag out of curiousity.
It's a $35 a month bag, so it's not inexpensive like some of the others. But it promises higher end products, the theme changes every month, and it's a variety of things from food to lifestyle products that the editors of PopSugar deem as "Must Haves" for that particular month.

It comes in a larger box, easily the largest of all my monthly subs. Opening it, there's a card talking about the theme, welcoming you, and telling what's in it.
Everything is wrapped in pink tissue with PopSugar on it!
The first thing I pulled out was this awesome tote bag. It's canvas and has the PopSugar logo on it, along with the wave and tree logo.
It's very summery and cute.
The brand of the bag is Especial Canvas Totes.

This particular design was created specially for PopSugars box, but they a bunch of other cute ones. The link gives a discount code, for $25 a bag, or 2/$20. So I would say this bag is worth about $25.
Next we have all the bundles of things wrapped up in more tissue!

I have to say, they did include quite a lot of products.

Originally the price value of this bag was quoted at $150, but they ended up taking that off of the site.
Unwrapping everything we have from the top left, RGB nail polish in Doll, RGB polish in Mint, .12 oz. Ilia Tinted lip conditioner in "Bang Bang".12 oz Ilia lip stick in "In My Room", 8 oz Body Drench Lotion in Pomegranate Crush, 6 oz. Body Drench Raspberry Gelee Body Scrub, a Kind granola bar in Madagascar Vanilla Almond, and another Kind granola bar in Ginger Spice.

Here are what the products look like unboxed! (click on the photo to make it larger!)

The lipstick on the top left is "In My Room", then the darker box is the one in "Bang Bang", Mint is the bottom right nail polish, and Doll is the bottom left.

All in all, I am happy with these colors. I feel like the nail polishes are on trend, and I don't have those colors already. At first I was kind of disappointed because they're not "fun" colors, but really they match just about everything and are perfect for summer or fall.

Here's a swatch of the lip products on my hand. The top one is the lipstick in "In My Room". It's more of a coral color, pretty sheer but not a bad color.

The Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang was more like a cherry chapstick almost on my skintone. It's very sheer red, which I actually am really happy about because I don't like opaque red lipsticks, or super bright ones. I'm more into subtle lip products.

The price breakdown of this box is:

  1. .40 oz. RGB Nail Polish in "Minty". value $16.00
  2. .40 oz. RGB Nail Polish in "Doll". value $16.00
  3. 8 oz. Body Drench Pomegranate Crush Body Lotion. value $14.00
  4. 6 oz. Body Drench Raspberry Gelee Body Scrub. value $12.00
  5. .12 oz Ilia lip stick in "In My Room". value $24.00
  6. .12 oz. Ilia Tinted lip conditioner in "Bang Bang". value $24.00
  7. 1.4 oz. Kind Nuts and Spices Madagascar Vanilla Almond bar. value $1.49 
  8. 1.4 oz. Kind Nuts and Spices Cashew & Ginger Spice bar. value $1.4
  9.  The PopSugar canvas bag, approx. $25. 

 The total value of this bag as I have calculated it appears to be about $134. 

This is still less than what the original press release stated. They also offered a money back guarantee if you did not love the contents of your box. For me, I waited too long and they did not grant it to me. I was not super impressed with this box, because even though everything is full size, the products were not that amazing to me. However, I think it was a great first box! 

If you're interested in signing up, here's a link to their site! Currently, the code OPRAH should get you $10 off of your first months box when you sign up for the monthly plan.  

If you sign up, let me know! I would love to know others thoughts on this subscription. 

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