Monday, June 11, 2012

May Favorites

I love reading what people are currently using/what their favorite products are that they keep reaching to again and again.
I thought I'd share mine with you for this past month of May!

From left to right:
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock: I've been using this for at least 6 years now. I use it every day on my face. Recently I have been trying the Julep SPF instead to see if I like it better. But this sunblock doesn't clog my pores, doesn't make me look like a greaseball, and it works.
The minus is that you have to wash your hands after using it or it will absolutely destroy any plastic makeup packaging that you touch. It makes the clear parts turn frosted, and the plastic gets weakened. I've tried so many other face sunblocks but this is the only one so far that's worked for me.

Hoola Blush by Benefit. This was part of the Legally Bronzed set I bought from Sephora. It does have to be blended out on my face just so I don't look super orange, but it's one of the nicest bronzers I have used.

M.A.C. limited edition Skinfinish illuminating powder in Whisper of guilt. I bought all 3 colors that were available, and this is the only one I use as a highlighter. It's a gorgeous champagne color and it can be used as a highlighter and a shadow for under the brow bone.

E.L.F. Studio Line powder brush. I was skeptical of this brush. This is the only ELF brush I have purchased that I would recommend. The regular lines brow brush literally fell apart on me twice, and there was 3 years in between purchase dates on those. Their regular brushes are cheap and flimsy. But the studio line ones are much more well made. This powder brush is perfect for applying the highlighter to my cheeks and for blending out any harsh lines. Definitely worth the $3.

Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara in black. I buy the waterproof version of mascara and this one is sooo nice. It lengthens my eyelashes and separates them without looking clumpy or weird. The fibers really extend my lashes out but they don't look spidery or fake.

Estee Lauder Day Wear BB Cream.
The color on this one is a little yellow for me. However, it color corrects the redness in my face which is nice. I mix it with my sunblock to tone down the color a shade and then it's perfect. I love the cucumber scent and it blends right into my skin without being too shiny or greasy looking.

Garnier BB Cream
I mix this one with my face moisturizer as well to make it less dark. It's more bronze colored than the Estee Lauder, and has a floral scent. It's also MUCH more dewey looking. I had people ask me what I used on my face because it was "shiny and glowing". I like to put a light layer of powder over top just to cut down the shine. This wakes up my face with some color without looking like it doesn't match my body.

If I need the bronzing and the color correction, I mix a little bit of both and my face lotion together, that way it gives me a little color while cutting down the redness.

What are your "holy grail" products this month?

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