Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Masqueology Brightening Review

I received a Masqueology Brightening Mask in my Birchbox this month and was really excited to try it out.

I've seen these masks featured on a lot of websites and they've always intrigued me. I like that it's self contained and one step! You just take out the mask, put it on your face, and you're good to go.

I received the mask in Brightening, which says that it "revitalizes and evens out the appearance of your complexion. Diminishes the appearance of dark spots".

I don't particularly think this is a problem with my own face, but i figured everyone can look brighter and more well rested, so why not test it out!

Opening up the package is easy. It's a plastic pouch that you can see in the photo here:

That said, you will not look like that lady when you wear this mask!

Opening the pouch, I took out the mask and was surprised by how completely saturated with product it was. It was really heavy, but it unfolded easily.

You unfold the mask carefully, line up the eye and mouth holes to your eyes and mouth, and you can choose to open the flaps on the eyes and mouth or close them.
I picked open since I was at home. If I were in a spa or somewhere where I could relax, I would put the flaps closed.

Here's a super scary looking photo of me wearing the masque!

I don't know if I have a weirdly proportioned face, but for me, even though I have a high forehead, I felt like the forehead part went up really high.

I also had trouble with the mouth area. It seemed like the cutout was too large, but I didn't really want to put the mask over my actual lips since I don't know great it is to ingest that stuff.

The key ingredients are: Niacinimide (Rosacea & Acne), Arbutin, Mulberry root and witchhazel root extracts.

I feel like the chin area was too big for my face. The eye flaps also weighed down the cheeks, so I had to rearrange it to fix it all. I would have also preferred if it went down a little more on my nose!
I'm not sure if it's because I'm caucasian and these masks are made in Korea, but I feel like my face is most definitely NOT the average face they make these for. I felt like my face was wrong proportionally and that the mask fit weird because of that. That's one major downside for me.

After you leave it on your face for 20 mins, you're supposed to take the mask off and "massage in the remaining product into your face and neck". For me, I had to actually wipe off some of it because there was so much product left on my face that trying to rub it in was impossible. It felt slimy and weird. But after I wiped off my hands and half the product, the remainder rubbed in just fine.

There really wasn't much of a scent, and I didn't have any adverse reactions to this product.

I feel like it made me look a little more well rested, but I'm not sure if this mask is really worth the money. Personally I think I prefer masks that you put on directly to your skin instead of the presoaked pouch, because I can put the mask on so that it fits my own features.

If you're looking for a fun product, or one that's really easy to use though, these are a great invention!
They retail for $24 for 3 masks and come in a lot of other varieties besides the Brightening. 

I'd love to try the eye masks, or the pore minimizing ones and see how they work.


  1. So glad Im not the only one who took a picture of themselves with this crazy mask on!!! lol

    1. haha! It really does look ridiculous and almost like something out of a scary movie.