Saturday, June 9, 2012

GlossyBox May 2012

 Hi everyone!
So I ended up cancelling one of my Birchbox subs, and I didn't update my MyGlam info because I was planning on cancelling that one too. With those funds I wanted to join GlossyBox!

It's $21/month, or you can buy a yearly sub, and I think there is a 6 month one as well. Glossybox is one of the first beauty subscription services, and it was international long before coming here to the USA. They serve more than 15 countries!
Everything is renowned for being extremely beautifully packaged, and the boxes have high quality brands in them.

I was sooo excited when I got in for a May box! My box arrived today and I could not wait to open it.

glossybox may 2012 USA America Unboxing

As you can see, the box is a light pink with the Glossybox logo made into a pattern on the inside. Everything is wrapped in black tissue and sitting in a bed of black crinkle cut paper pieces.

It's all soo pretty and girly! I love it, and that's just the outside.

GlossyBox May 2012 America
Okay now the fun part! Opening up the tissue reveals all the products!
We have the: Phyto Hair Masque, Marvis Whitening Mint toothpaste, Amorepacific moisture bound refreshing hydra-gel,a Burberry mini lipstick in 02, an eye cream, and a Zoya nail polish from their Summer Surf & Beach collection! The color I received is Arizona, a tangerine cream color. I love it and am so glad that I got this color! The nail polish color was kind of random, so I appreciate that I got one I will actually use, despite not being able to fill out the beauty profile yet!
 Here is a close up of the Burberry Lipstick, which is in the color Cooper #202.

The weirdest thing for me was the smell of the Burberry Lipstick. It has this odd waxy floral smell to it, and it literally reminds me of my grandma's house.
I really wish it didn't have the scent because I feel like it's so perfect otherwise. The pattern embossed, the beautiful packaging, the color. It's all really awesome and I love it!

So far I'm impressed with my Glossybox. I don't think it's quite as end all to sub boxes as some have made it seem, but I definitely don't regret subscribing!
If you get a chance to check them out, I really suggest it !They have full size to larger sample size products and everything is super nice.

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