Thursday, May 17, 2012

May Myglam Unboxing

Had another great Mail Day and my MyGlam package arrived! The pink mailer it comes in is always fun, and even though they pretty much gave away the whole bag on FB with their hints, I was still excited.
Here's the mailer!

In case you are not familiar, Myglam is another $10 a month Monthly Subscription program. You fill out a survey for a beauty profile, and they send out bags every month. The thing with Myglam is that everyone gets the same products every month, even with different profiles. The only difference is that you might get a different color eyeshadow than your friend will.
I've found the contents to be not quite on par with Birchbox or Julep in quality. They're kind of like if Target made a monthly subscription service vs Nordstroms making one. That's not a bad thing, it's just been my own observation.
If anyone remembers, last month their website messed up and it ended up cancelling my subscription. Thankfully CS comped me that months bag, and sent me a special sign up link, so I was able to rejoin and not miss a beat.
So their CS team is really awesome, and usually I think their bags are cute.

Opening up the pink mailer, I got the following:

Here's the makeup bag/cosmetic bag/pouch it came in. On their FB preview, I thought this bag was cute, but in person it looks really cheap and gaudy to me. It's something you would pick out when you're 12 and are at Claire's or something like that. I don't really care for it.
Then there is a theme card, I think this month it was nice that they didn't do some crazy photoshoot. However, the theme of Love is in the Air seems off. This is April, not February! Everything is pink with kisses just like it's for Valentine's Day. They should have picked a different theme, not feeling this one.

Now here are the contents. Love sweet Love perfume by Philosophy, Studio Gear lipstick, two makeup brushes that go in the little travel holder with the previous two, and a Nail Bling nail set.

All in all, I'm pretty meh about this bag. The brushes and the perfume sample are my favorite. They're good items, and the perfume is new, so at least it's a recent release. But the lipstick came in this absolutely terrible color for me, it's like a brick red/brown. I have light ivory skin, that just doesn't work on me. Also, the lipstick looks like something out of the clearance section at Walmart. It's all knicked where it rattled around inside the tube because it's broken at the base. I am not impressed at all with that, and I might contact MyGlam for a replacement. Also, people contacted the company who made these lipsticks and every single color they sent out is a discontinued color, meaning they bought these all wholesale because the company wants to get rid of them. Again, not impressed.

Here's a photo of the tube, you have to click on it to see it larger. But it's crooked in the tube and has dings in it.

Here's a swatch of it. The top part is with one swipe, the bottom with multiple. I just do not think this is a nice color of lipstick for someone with my coloring, and will be giving this away because I'll never wear it.

The nail blings are cute, but they look very inexpensive like a dollar store product. All in all, this months bag , like most MyGlam bags seem to be, is almost juevenile in theme and product lines. It's something that you would give a 15 year old girl to try out.
I'm hoping next months is better.

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