Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MyGlam April Bag

MyGlam is a monthly subscription service that costs $10. So far, this is my second month. Last month was okay but not super impressive to me personally. But I think it's worth the $10, just because I love getting mail and they always have cute themes.

This month there was a website glitch that told users that their information had to be updated for shipping. So I updated my information, which triggered the glitch that unsubscribed me.
Thankfully customer service was EXTREMELY kind, and comped me this months box even though I was completely prepared to pay for it. Unfortunately, my subscription still has not been reinstated as promised to me last week. If I don't hear anything back by the end of this week I'm going to check into it.

Shipping was really really fast, the fastest of my subscriptions. I believe it took about 3 days from when my box was shipped for it to get to me. The others average 5-7 days or sometimes longer depending on where they are sent from.

 This months theme is Girls Night Out. (You can click any of my photos to see them full size)

The card included has the theme and talks about what it is, and has photos of the MyGlam people.

They're interesting I guess, but for me it's just junk mail. I don't save them or anything, they just go into the recycle. Sorry MyGlam!

 This month included in the bag were False Lashes, mine came in the style of Princess Leah which I found amusing.
The company is in Asia, so I have no idea how much these cost, or really anything about them.

But the name of the style is cute to me since I'm a huge Star Wars nerd.
I'll have to try these out, just to see how they look on, but they don't look too crazy in person which is nice.

 Here's a photo of the actual lashes that came in my April Box. They're not over the top costume type ones, which is totally perfect for me. I tend to wear more natural neutral looks everyday.

Also included is a 24/7 Urban Decay eyeliner! I got the color Radium, which is a pretty sparkly blue color. The color is gorgeous, but I don't wear blue eyeliners since I have Blue Eyes.
But the nice part about online is trading! So I've worked out a trade with a girl who got the hot pink one but wants blue or green. So that's the nice part about theses boxes. If you get something that isn't quite what you want, you can always offer it up for trade and chances are, someone else is in the same boat.
The other item included is a Dermstore Lip Quench. I believe this is a lip balm, which is sort of boring to me because I have soooo many lip products. However, I will use this and get back to you all about it!
Lastly, they included 2 makeup brushes this month. There is an eyeliner brush and an "all over" brush. Personally, I like the brush set. I think it's fun that they have a buildable set, and even if it's not the greatest set ever, it seems like it'll be really nice for traveling.

Just so you can see how they fit together, I put this months 2 brushes in the case with last months fluffy eyeshadow crease brush. They fit nicely in the case, and you can tell that they were all made to go together.

Everything this month was really really pink!

All in all, I am pleased with this kit. Of course this month was provided to me free of charge, so that might have helped things a bit. I do wish that there was maybe one more sample, but that's just because the box felt pretty empty without the coupon cards or the little sachet that was in the last months box. I like the little sachets personally.

This month definitely feels like a higher end box than March did to me. I am much more pleased with the products in April's box compared to March's. I feel like they really are trying to make their customers happy and working on the issues. Also, their customer service was amazing. I was expecting the worst after reading reviews previously, so it was a very pleasant surprise not to have that experience.

I think that this subscription is a fun service, but I would not expect a Birchbox quality box from them. I think this box has a younger feel to it than Birchbox does, it seems much more for a teenage girl to me. So that might not work for some age groups.
I love the products and the mix of items.

What's your favorite product this month? Tell me in the comments!
Thanks so much for reading!

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