Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sample Society April 2012 Unboxing!

Today I got home from work and my Sample Society box for April was waiting for me!
Sample Society is the monthly subscription box that's a collaboration between Allure Magazine and beauty website Beauty Bar, the company which also runs Soap.com and other webites.
It's $15 a month, and promise deluxe sized samples each month. If you're interested, I have an ad in the sidebar with a code for your first box.
Every month, BeautyBar sends a code for $15 off of a $50 purchase, if you buy anything from the brands featured in that months box. It's a nice way to get to try items and if there does happen to be something that catches your fancy, you can get it at a discounted price too.
I love their shipping, on regular purchases it's 2 day shipping, which is really awesome.

Okay enough about that, on to the unboxing! 

Apologies for the lack of the photo of the actual box. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, the photo refuses to show on this site orientated correctly. I switched it over and over in an imaging editing program and tried uploading it, and no dice.

 The products included in this months box are all skincare and hair products. Included in the BeautyBar box which you can see hiding behind the products, was the following:

1. Terry Crème de Rose Nutri-Lift Comfort Cream - .14oz  (full size of 1 oz retails for $99)
2. Murad Skin Perfecting Primer - Acne and Shine Control - .17oz  (1 oz for $35)
3. Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel - 1.69oz (5 oz retails for $26)
4. DDF Amplifying Elixir - .5oz (1.7 oz retails for $63)
5. Oscar Blandi Olio di Jasmine Hair Serum - .169oz (1.6 oz retails for $35)

Just for a size comparison, I put a regular sized Garnier Fructis shampoo next to the samples so that the size was more apparent.

So far, I've used the Rose Nutri Lift cream, and it's really really nice. Very creamy and thick without being greasy. I feel like it really moisturized my face. It smells really floral, just like tea roses. If you are scent sensitive, this might trigger a reaction. For me it smells really nice, and the texture is lovely. But it's a very expensive product at $99/oz. I personally could not justify that, even with the discount code. That said it's fun to try the sample!

The DDF elixer has been sampled by me a few times now. Personally, I do not like how this product smells. It smells as someone on MakeupTalk put it, like rotten fruit. It reminds me of rotten orange juice. The texture is also extremely runny, which I do not enjoy. It is almost the same viscosity of water, which means it runs very fast out of the tube opening. This product also stung my skin really really badly when I used it. Granted this is after exfoliating, or using my Clarisonic, but that does not normally happen to me with face products. I also do not have sensitive skin on my face, and I do not have any smell sensitivities. So if you have either of those, I most definitely do not recommend this product. I'm really happy the sample is so small because I would never, ever buy this product!

I already have a sample of the Hair Serum, so I might end up trading this on Makeup Talk. If you haven't been to the Makeup Talk forums, I highly recommend them for information regarding monthly subscription services. They have so much information there! The hair serum is nice, and only takes a couple of drops.

All in all, I am happy with this box. I would like to get cosmetics, or trendy fun things, but the sample sizes are all really great. I like that they are consistent with the deluxe sizes.

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