Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birchbox April 2012 Box #29 Unboxing

Today was a nice mail day! My regular accounts Birchbox showed up. If you're not sure what BirchBox is, it's a monthly subscription service that costs $10 a month for a box of samples that are beauty or lifestyle related. Each month has a different theme. They just announced Birchbox Man, which will cost $20 a month for a box of deluxe sized mens skincare and lifestyle samples. If you've got a guy in your life that is into that stuff, I would highly recommend checking it out!

The website has been acting up, and it still is showing March, so I honestly had no clue what would be in this box. I was hoping for a Zoya nail polish, but alas, it was not meant to be. [which really isn't that bad because I already have PLENTY of nail polish thanks to my Julep Maven subs!]
The box it comes in is a really nice cardboard box with the Birchbox logo embossed in metallic pink. I am still unsure what to do with my boxes, but I have been saving them because I like them so well.

This is the card that was on top, explaining the theme this month which is Natural Wonders. Since it's April, the month of Earth Day, they picked a natural products theme.

I like their card better than the MyGlam card because it talks about the theme instead of having a weird photoshoot of all the people who work there. I don't save the cards for these either, but they are more interesting to me out of the two companies. (You can click on any of the photos to view them full sized)

Flipping the card over, it lists the products in the box, with a little blurb about each one. I like this because it helps me keep track of what is what in the box, especially when sometimes products aren't super clearly labeled.

My box contains: Amika Nourishing Hair Mask, a Befine Skincare sampler that is a box containing 5 sample packets, 3 are cleanser and 2 are moisturizer.
Dirt Luxe Salt Scrub in a plastic container. Some have mentioned how small this sample is, but to me it's not small! It has at least 2 to 3 uses in it, in my opinion.  Next is the Vapour Organic Beauty lipstick in the color Intuition. This color looks a little dark for my NW15 complexion, but I'm going to test it out today and see for sure. Then as a "lifestyle extra" there are two teabags from a french company. The teas are fruit based and I've heard good things about them.

Here's the photo of all the products in my box! The small wrapped up package is the two teabags, and the BeFine box contains the sample pouches.

I was pleasantly surprised by my boxes contents and I feel like it all fits in with what I would use really well. I was worried because last months regular box was sort of disappointing to me, after seeing the Color Club boxes, but I feel like this months totally made up for that!

Next month, a birdie told me that the theme is Gossip Girl! So get on the waitlist if you haven't joined already, I am certain that the boxes are going to be spectacular with that theme and I cannot wait. 

What's your favorite product that you've gotten to try?

Thanks so much for reading!!

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