Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Julep Maven April Box: Classic with a Twist

Sorry for the delay in posting! Unfortunately, a few days ago my laptop screen bit the big one, and it's not compatible with the LCD monitor that we have, so I am trying to get photos transferred to my new laptop. I had all my photos on my old laptop ready to go so I could get this months posts done, and then the screen died. So thank you for your patience, I really appreciate it.

First off, if you're familiar with what Julep Maven is, skip to the end of this sentence! If you are NOT familiar, well here is my blog post that details all about this subscription service. =]

This month was a little unusual for me for the Maven program! Usually I get 2 boxes a month, and they're in the profiles American Beauty & Boho Glam.

Reviewing the boxes revealed that half of the colors offered are repeats that are already in my current collection. Dupes are not the end of the world, but I am trying to avoid buying too many repeats.

 I ended up opting out of the Boho Glam box and switching my American Beauty Box out for a Classic with a Twist.
See, this is why I love Julep Maven! You can do things like that, and it's not a hassle and they don't grill you on why you are switching. They just do it and that's that.

This months featured goodie is a pedicure cream! They also had new colors available that are perfect for spring, so I jumped on the chance to get Susie, which is a mint green and unlike any other color that I have.

Then, Julep released the Add On Program. This allows you to choose any of the new colors for $4.99 each, with up to two colors allowed to be added on with each box. Since I was only opting in for 1 box this month, I ended up asking to get Jessica, a cream robins egg blue, and Parker, a tangerine color, which is this years "It" color!
This made me extremely happy, because I really really wanted both of those colors but I did not want to spend another $40 to get them, along with dupe colors and repeat products!

Anyhow, here is the unboxing!

The April Box came in the standard small black Julep box. I'm still sooo happy that these are not gigantic like the first months box!

Opening it up, this month everything came in a cute hot pink bag!

I think that this is my favorite box to open up so far. Everything looks so cute and cheerful and bright and happy! I love it.
I was also surprised that they included some pedicure separators as a bonus! They're even a super cheerful cute hot pink that screams out spring. =]
Those are one of those odd items I always have meant to buy, but never actually remember while at the store, so for me, this is super useful and appreciated!

 Unwrapping it all, inside was the familiar little package of nail polishes wrapped in bubble wrap, and the tube of Pedicure Cream!

Another nice change was that they stopped taping the bubblewrap closed with packing tape, which was a complete pain to open, and resulted in mangled bubblewrap if I could not find scissors! This time, it was held closed by one of those clear elastics. SO MUCH BETTER. Sorry for the all caps, but trust me, I will not miss the packing tape at all.
Again, another reason I love Julep. They continually upgrade small details such as that, and it really makes a big impact.

The colors I received in my Classic with a Twist Box are Mandy, a bright red creme finish, and Susie, a mint green creme finish. Neither of those colors are present in my collection, and both are very springlike!

The Pedicure Cream boasts that it is the "Best Ever", but I don't have anything to compare that claim to since I don't own any other pedicure creams!

That said, I have used this one all this week and I really like it. It smells like cucumber mint though, so be aware of that. Currently, it's retailing for $22 on the Julep Site, and the bottle is 2oz size, which is the same size as most "Deluxe Travel Sized" lotions.

Personally, I would recommend just ordering an april box if you are interest in the Pedicure Creme. It's actually $3 cheaper, and you end up getting nail polishes along with it!

My Add On Colors came in a separate shipment, but I wanted to show you all what they looked like together. From left to right are: Parker, Jessica, Mandy, & Susie.

I did some quick swatches of Susie and Jessica, just to give an idea, and hopefully tomorrow I can do some more showing Parker and Mandy!

 Here we have a swatch of Jessica. It was a one coater for me. It went on smoothly, opaquely and dried fairly fast. Please excuse the messy paint job!

It's a really pretty pastel blue, similar to China Glaze Electric Beat, but lighter. It's like Electric Beat if you added white to it.

 Here we have the swatch of Susie, the mint green color. I had trouble getting this one to paint on smoothly, and with one coat it was still patchy, streaky and very uneven.

 Here's Susie after a second coat was applied. I had a lot of trouble getting the second coat to paint on smoothly.

It was gloppy and kind of thick, which is a problem I have had in the past with some of the other creme colors.

The mint green is VERY subtle. It's more subtle than I would care for to be honest, because it almost looks like white nail polish instead. I was expecting a couple notches higher on the color scale, so
 this one was a little disappointing for me.

All in all, I'm really glad I did the Add On feature, and got only the new release colors! Susie, the mint which I was super excited about, isn't quite what I expected, but I love all 4 colors that I received this month.

The pedicure creme is working great so far! I love that it exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. I like to put it on right before I go to sleep, and it really has made a difference in my feet and hands.

Well thank you so so much for reading! I hope you all have a very happy easter!

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