Monday, April 2, 2012

Julep March Mystery Boxes!

I'm sure my postman, or lady, in my case, thinks I'm a shop a holic, or crazy because I have so many packages that come in the mail due to the monthly subscriptions, or really killer deals.

This month was no exception, as Julep ran their Mystery Box promotion again for St. Patricks Day! I'm a sucker for their mystery boxes because I like surprises and it's fun to get different colors [hopefully] that expand my collection!

I gave all my dupes to my friend last week and she was super thrilled, so I don't mind getting dupes since I have friends who will use and love them.

This time when they sent my Mystery Boxes, they arrived in one large white box which was unusual! I like this packaging much better because obviously it's nice to get everything all at once instead of having one mystery box arrive and then having to wait 3 days for the second one to show up. It also protects the products a little more and I prefer my boxes not to have company logos or say what they are on the outside, since that deters package tampering.

Opening both boxes, I was greeted with the products wrapped up in bubble wrap and a green gift bag. I'm so glad that they switched to these flat paper bags instead of the handled Julep Logo gift bags that they used to use in the beginning. These are much easier to save if you want to save them, and I feel like they look nicer.

Both boxes look pretty similar, as you can see. They both were wrapped in the green paper bag, and then each one had 4 chocolate coins along with a little card explaining what things were in it.

 This is my first mystery box. Included in it are 3 nail polish colors, and the clear topcoat. From left to right, the bottles are Clear Topcoat, Sofia, which is a green glow in the dark version of Porsia and the other glitter topcoat, Charlotte, and Rachel. I don't own any of those colors, so I am super happy with that!

For Box 2, I got the clear topcoat, Sofia which is the glow in the dark green, and then the red color is Glenn, which I have a bottle of, and Heather, which I do not! Plus each box has a glass nail file and minis of the Polishing Scrub and Hand Lotion!

Oh and they both came with chocolate coins. =]

I looked up unboxings online, and it seems like this version had a lot more variety of colors available! For me this was a super good deal because I only received 1 repeat color, and even though I own several of the minis, I pass them along to friends who love them! I will also be passing along this bottle of Glenn to my friend who will totally love it!

If you get a chance to partake in the mystery boxes, and you're new to Julep, or know someone who will use your dupes, I think it's a great way to build your nail polish collection without much hassle. Plus it's fun to get surprise boxes in the mail!

If you are interested in their Maven program, here's my blog post explaining it all!

Thanks so much for reading, and please let me know if anyone gets a goodie box when they have them next. They're doing another Mystery Box for Easter since 500 people liked their FB question about it, so stay tuned for that!

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