Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Nail Polish Swatches: Julep Alicia, China Glaze Aquadelic

Once the color Alicia arrived, I noticed that it reminded me an awful lot of a Wet N Wild color that I already own from last year! The Julep Alicia is like a more pale muted version of the same exact color! So funny.

Painting my nails with the color Alicia proved to be somewhat of a challenge. Generally I haven't had issues with "gloppy" formulas from Julep, but I have heard others mention that their polishes were like that in the past. Well this bottle is "gloppy" for lack of a better term. Getting it to paint on was tricky, because it wasn't like my other polishes that flow smoothly and thinly off of the brush. Instead it kind of just came off in big pools and I had to shove it around on my nail. This resulted in a really thick streaky first layer.
After letting that dry, I put on a second coat to cover up the streakiness, but it looked REALLY thick on my nails.
I definitely need to invest in some nail polish thinner! I've noticed that my creme finish polishes are the ones that I have issues with texture from. My shimmer ones are usually a breeze to apply. Glitters are thicker as well, but I only usually need one coat with them as well, so it's not an issue.

Sorry for the terrible looking manicure! I really like this color though. It's a really pretty coral, very 80s to me.

The texture however, is really bad. So I'll have to get the thinner and try again!

The next color came in my order in the mail. It's my order from BeBeautiful and I highly recommend them if you are looking for a place online to purchase nail polish from! Shipping was fast, everything was packaged REALLY well. It came in a cardboard box, inside of which they had put the polishes into boxes, wrapped them with bubble wrap and then put paper around for more cushioning.

I got Aquadelic from the China Glaze Electropop line, Techno from China Glaze also, and then the Hunger Games colors I was missing, because my Sally's ended up selling out of them really quickly. They also sold out of the blues from the Electropop line, and did not have Techno.

Aquadelic is also a creme finish, and I had some problems with it being kind of thick as well! So this problem is definitely not brand specific. I think the creme formulas just end up being thicker so that they are more opaque? But I want to get some thinner for this polish as well. Again sorry for the REALLY sloppy paint job. I didn't clean up my mistakes before taking a photo! But you can see that the color is very opaque and it has a shiny finish on it.

Aquadelic is a really gorgeous aqua/teal color, like the tiles on a swimming pool. This is my all time favorite color, especially with coral. I wear a lot of coral and a lot of teal, so I like being able to paint my nails in either one to contrast with my clothing. I feel like both colors are fun, summery colors and they definitely make me happy.

I also went to CVS and purchased one of the Wet N Wild Sinful line colors. It's called Distant Memory. It's a shimmer finish teal that's like a more green version of Aquadelic. I had a hard time photographing them accurately because the lighting was bad. In person it's much more vibrant and doesn't look like a creme finish as it does in this photo!
Hopefully I can get swatches of it soon.

After that haul I'm taking a hiatus from Nail Polish shopping because it's just to tempting! As it was, I restricted myself to just the two blue colors from the Electropop line. I wanted to buy the whole collection, but realistically, I won't wear most of them so it would just be a waste of money.
But I'm really happy with the colors I got, I think they'll be perfect for this summer.

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