Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monthly Subscriptions & MyGlam March Sneak Peeks!

So, I went a little nuts with the monthly subscription services and ended up signing up for more. Birchbox had the special for annual upgrades, so I signed up for that. I also get MyGlam, Julep Maven, and now I also will be getting the one from Allure & BeautyBar, Sample Society.
There are all kinds of these services out there, but I am definitely not obtaining more subs. I was not going to sign up with Birchbox or Myglam after the controversies surrounding both, but both companies have made it clear that they are working on improving things, so I figured I would give them a chance.

MyGlam has released some "sneak peek" photos for the upcoming March bags and it has me sooo excited! Don't keep reading unless you want to see the "spoilers" as well!

 The first photo we have appears to be skincare. Some have speculated that it's Pur lipcream. I have a box of that that I got in my Beautyfix box last year,. It works well but I would personally rather get something I do not have.

The other products look like skincare items as well. So it'll be interesting to see what, exactly, they turn out to be.
 The bag! Isn't it cute? It reminds me of a 60's or 70s print. Very retro and summery to me. I love it. I wonder what the inside looks like!
 Keracolor is a hair product, to treat colored hair. There are different formulations for each haircolor, so I'm hoping that they pay attention to our profiles and send the appropriate ones!
This last item looks like a leather/faux leather pink pouch of some sort! It looks really cute and pretty!

I know some don't like their surprise to be spoiled, but for me personally, seeing the products that are coming makes me more excited for the boxes to arrive! I like getting to know what it is ahead of time. =]

Are any of you subscribers? What product looks the most exciting to you?

*Note* All photos in this entry are propery of MyGlam, and were taken by them. They are not my photos.*

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