Wednesday, February 29, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games & ElectroPop Collections!

Originally, reading about all the Hunger Games colors from China Glaze, I was kind of on the fence about the collection. I read the books and liked them, and the concept of a themed collection seemed like it was promising.
But then there was the leaked info, and the colors didn't look that appealing, and then the new naming system made some of them even more unappealing to me. Foi gras anyone? . The only ones that interested me were Electrify, Luxe & Lush, & Riveting.

I heard that Sally Beauty Supply had them all for sale [they still do! But hurry because they are selling out fast!]
Off I went to my local Sally's to pick up some colors, managing to snag the very last bottle of Riveting, and a bottle of Electrify. Then after I looked through the colors they had, I realized that I really liked Smoke & Ashes, so that was added to the list!
Sadly, that store was all out of the Luxe & Lush, so I ended up driving to the next town over to their Sally's, who had the whole collection in store! I bought Luxe & Lush, & Stone Cold.
They also had out the whole ElectroPop collection and today I realized I really really wanted the blue ones from that collection.

Today I realized I wanted the rest of the colors, so I ordered the rest of the set off of Right now, all China Glaze colors, including the ElectroPop colors, and Hunger Games collection are only $3.75, and shipping is only $4! I ended up ordering the colors I'm missing out of the Hunger Games set, and then one of the blue colors, Aquadelic. That color of teal is what I like to call my "signature color". Everyone who knows me knows that I love that color, I have my room painted it and I wear it constantly.
I ordered it after checking out my local Sally's, who unfortunately did not have the whole display out like the one in the town over did. =( They had the colors, but they were sold out of extras, so I managed to snag the only remaining bottle of Electric Beat.

I'm super excited to try out all of these and highly recommend getting your hands on some or all of both collections if they appeal to you because they're already selling out like hotcakes!

Hunger Games is the one that surprised me, because originally, the collection didn't seem that amazing. But after looking at the swatches on AllLaquered up, my mind was completely changed! There are beautiful shimmers, glitters and even a really cool matte in there. The little circles on the press release do not do these colors justice and if you can see them in person, it's highly recommended to do so! But the swatches on her blog are amazing and show just how pretty these are!

Are any of you purchasing any of these? Do you already own some and have favorites? Let me know!


  1. I've been wanting to get these!

  2. Oh! They have them on sale here at Sally Beauty for $3. If you ever want me to pick you up stuff and ship it, just let me know! I do it for friends in other countries with random stuff all the time so it's no problem! =]