Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March MyGlam Bag

My March MyGlam bag arrived today.
I was so excited to share with you all, that I had to open them and take photos with my iphone. My digi cam's battery pack died, so please excuse the lesser quality photos.

(Just a note, I have put photos of my box below, so be aware of that if you don't want this months box spoiled for you!)

This is my second month of MyGlam. If you're not sure what it is, it's a monthly subscription service for $10. You get samples and goodies for being a member. I have my february bag tagged under MyGlam, so look for that if you are interested in seeing what products there were.

This months MyGlam is themed from The Dermstore. If you haven't heard of them, they do a monthly subscription type deal as well, called BeautyFix. I bought the mystery bag back in September, along with one month of products from the subscription. If you would like to read about that, here's my blog post with the details!
The actual theme is "Goodbye Winter Woes".

 The bubble mailer is a pretty bright fushia as always. I love their metallic pink mailers, it's always fun to get them in the mail.

Here are the contents of the bag. Listed on the card are the products.
We have:
 Pur-Lisse Pur-Protect SPF 30 Essential Daily Moisturizer
Murad Eye Lift Protector
Dermstore $25 "gift card". In reality, they need to change the wording on this. This is a coupon code for $25 off of 50, not a gift card that you can use on anything you want in the store.

The next three products are the "or" products. You get ONE of the three, randomly selected from what I can tell.
3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam, Pur-Lisse lip comfort, or Murad Absolute Bronzing boost.

The next product on the list is the KeraColor Color Enhancing Leave in Treatment.

This month there was another "bonus" item in the bag, it's a MyGlam pink makeup brush case, with a Crease Brush inside.

Also included are a Dermstore info card, a KeraColor info card, and the "gift certificate" card from Dermstore. Peeking out from behind you can see the floral makeup bag.

 I got everything above, and then for my "or" product, I received the 3Lab cleanser. While it's great that this is a 3.5 oz, I wasn't super thrilled with that. I already received this product, and the pur-lisse lip treatment in my Dermstore mystery bag and I didn't really want repeats.

The "deluxe" samples bit is also stretching it a bit for the other samples. These sample packets are basically the same thing you can get at Sephora and the like, for free with any purchase.

Personally, I wasn't super impressed with this months bag. The Dermstore coupon is nice, and I'll probably use that. I already set up a trade with someone in order to get the bronzer, because they wanted the cleanser and got the bronzer, and I had the opposite happen. haha.  While I like the Dermstore products, I feel like this is just a total repeat of their mystery bag. The makeup brush isn't bad, but it's not something I would have purchased myself. The makeup bag that I got is nowhere near as vibrant as the sneak peek photos made them out to be. Instead this looks like something that was left out in the sun to fade, and is from the dollar store.
I feel like the bags were amazing in December to lure people in, and they've just been completely mediochre since.
Am I keeping it? I'll give it another couple of months. I've heard buzz that they're working to improve things and have been made aware of how unhappy people are with them, and they are trying to fix that all. I'll try out everything and let you all know how it works!


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  1. I was also really disappointed that they keep calling their coupons gift cards. It is misleading!

    I like the mailers because I can easily reuse them. :)