Friday, March 9, 2012

Julep Surprise in the Mail!

So the other day, I got a shipping notice on my Julep account. It was kind of odd since I hadn't ordered anything!
But it said PR next to it, so I figured it was a PR package since they know I have this blog. That said, I was still totally in shock that they would send me anything like that, because I don't feel deserving of "special treatment" like that! But it's very sweet of them to send me a surprise like that and I really really appreciate it.

Here is how it looked when I opened it! The card advertising the Maven program. I always find that sort of amusing, since I already am a Maven! But that's okay. I guess I could hand it out to a friend in real life? But unfortunately that would just be weird because none of my RL friends are into subscription services!

PS - If you're reading this like "what in the world is this Maven thing", here's my blog entry explaining it all!

Next is a really sweet *handwritten* note. Remember the big to do about how their original welcome letters were hand signed? They still do that! It's just a really nice little touch. 

Here's a photo of the nice card they sent, and then there is the surprise! It's a full sized SPF hand cream.
I've been kind of obsessed with hand creams/lotion lately after realizing my hands are sort of aging.

That said, because I do subscribe to two different profiles, I think I have at least 2 full size tubes of this already! Plus some minis. So I might end up putting this in my collection of dupes to gift to people. Which I feel sort of bad about, since this one is a gift. Sadly I might end up "Trading" the tube in this box, for one in my collection, so that I'm not giving away THIS particular tube, even though it's the same exact product.

I'm still pretty flabbergasted that they were kind enough to send me this package though. It was really cool to get a surprise little thing in the mail like that and I really appreciate it!

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