Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BirchBox Teen Vogue Box March 2012

So last month, I signed up for Birchbox. Over on makeuptalk.com, the girls were talking about a Teen Vogue version of the box.
I ended up making a second account, and ordering the Teen Vogue version with that account. [and I'm glad I did, because the first box on my "Regular" account kind of sucks judging from the preview on their site, but that's okay.]
(Just a note, I have put photos of my box below, so be aware of that if you don't want this months box spoiled for you!)

I ended up with what is termed as "Box #4". There were 4 different Teen Vogue Boxes. I am most definitely not a teenager. I just turned 30, so I'm not their "target demographic" at all. However, after reading the rumors about what was going to be in the boxes I had to sign up, and I'm sooo happy that I did!

The box that came in the mail was hot pink, and super cute!

 Opening up the mailer, inside was the regular Birchbox box, that's super nice, with a Teen Vogue cardboard sleeve over it. [excuse the weird purple hue to this photo, my phone has a terrible camera!]

Here we have the card explaining all the products that are inside. They were picked out by the beauty editor at Teen Vogue, just for these boxes.

Box 4 contains:
Essie Luxeffects of Nail Polish
Kate Spade Twirl
Kerastase elixer ultime
tarte lipsurgence lip tint
twistband hair tie

Also included in the box were a card with a discount offer from ModCloth. With the code MODPROM you can save $10 off of a $75 purchase. There is also a card from Teen Vogue that allows you to get 2 years of Teen Vogue for $10, which is a really great deal!

Here you can see the cards, the sample of Kerastase, and the Tarte lip product. Everything came wrapped really nicely in the hot pink tissue, with a red tissue paper package tied with ribbon inside.

Opening the package up, inside were my Essie Nail Polish and the sample of Twirl by Kate Spade.

I got a yellow twistband hair tie. I would have preferred a different color hair tie, since i think yellow looks weird with my blonde hair, but that's okay. It seems like a nice product!
I also got the Silver Essie polish, when I was hoping for the pink. But that's alright.

All in all, I'm super impressed and happy with my Birchbox. The packaging is beautiful and feels special. It feels like I'm unwrapping a gift when I open this box and the package inside. It's obvious that they care about presentation and I really appreciate that. The products are all really great things and I'm happy to get to try them out. I got this the same day I got my Myglam bag, and I cannot help but compare them. I have to say, between the two, Birchbox is far better this month than either of my MyGlam months have been. I also like the points system that Birchbox has in place.

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