Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Hair Brush, Spring Collection 2012

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of Mason Pearson brushes, but I started hearing about them last year. XoJane posted an article about beauty products, and mentioned them.
Then I kept hearing whispers online about Sonia Kashuk's brush that is available at Target, being a fantastic dupe of it.

Then I came across this article, which was in Allure [image is property of Allure Magazine!], that goes so far as to do a side by side comparison of the brushes.

They're very very similar. I've been wanting a boar bristle brush for some time, after using my boyfriends brush that is one. I noticed that it made my hair look shinier, smoother and just generally helped improve the texture of it. I have waist length hair, so I need a brush that isn't going to snag or rip my hair, and that helps distribute the oils. Another nice part about these brush types is that they massage your scalp whenever you brush your hair, which improves bloodflow and just feels nicer in general than the round ball things on most hairbrushes that feel like they're scratching you.

Well, today I went to Target, and ended up in the cosmetics section, which is dangerous. They had put out the new Limited Edition Sonia Kashuk products. I wish I had taken a photo of all of them! But there was this amazing makeup set with eyeshadows, blush, lipglosses. a super cute mini nail polish set, two different sets of makeup brushes.
I found the press release/peeks on the Sonia Kashuk Blog, if you are interested in seeing them! I LOVE everything in this collection. The colors are gorgeous and so vibrant and summery, even though it's technically their "spring" collection. I wanted to buy everything I saw, but obviously that would have been super expensive.

I spied the "limited edition" version of the small boar bristle brush, and had to have it. I like that it's a bright pink color because it looks cheerful.

Also, the box it comes in is so pretty. It's striped with bright colors and the inside is neon green. I plan on keeping it and reusing it to store makeup in. The price was $14.99, since it's part of the limited edition collection. The black version sells for $12.59 at my local Target.

The colors on the box are the colors in the collection. Everything is very bright and clean looking.
Here's another page from Target, with more photos and info about the items in the collection. The makeup set that I was eyeing is number 1 on that photo collage of them all. It's sooo pretty, but I already have a lot of similar colors. Same with the nail polishes. But if you don't have dupes already, they look great for on trend colors.

All in all, I'm super happy I was able to pick up that hairbrush, and that it's in a nice fun color instead of black. I used it and it feels really great. Conair has a boar bristle brush as well now, I almost put back the Sonia one and opted for the Conair version, because it's much bigger, but I like how the Sonia one looks more. If anyone buys the conair one let me know how it works!

Thanks so much for reading!

Update: I've been using this brush every day for the past month and I LOVE it so much! I was skeptical because I have very coarse thick hair, that tangles extremely easily. However, this brush is able to get out all the tangles and it does not rip through my hair like my other brush was doing. I feel like my hair is much less static filled, and the oils from scalp are distributed throughout my hair, so it's much shinier now.
I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a boar bristle brush that will get out the knots but is more gentle on your hair at the same time. I do wish that the limited edition version had been the Larger Size version instead of the mini, but I think they were going for a travel theme with it, so it makes sense in that context. However, if you aren't caught up in getting the Limited Edition version, I highly recommend the full size as it seems like it would be easier to use if you have long hair. The small version does work, but I do find myself wishing it had a larger brush portion just because it takes awhile to brush a lot of hair with such a tiny surface.

I give it a 4.5/5! 

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