Thursday, October 20, 2011

November Julep Maven Boxes: American Beauty & Boho Glam

I am so, so excited about this months Julep Maven boxes. First off, if you aren't sure what the Julep Maven program is, read here.
It's a monthly subscription service, similar to Birchbox, Beautyfix, and the like, but it's for nail polish! The cost is $20 a month, and you take a quiz, which assigns you a "style profile", and each month a different box is created for each style profile. You're emailed ahead of time what colors are that months color picks, and if you do not want them, you can either skip that month, or do a shelf pull and request another style profiles box instead! Super easy and flexible!
If that sounds interesting to you, here is a link to the Julep Maven Website where you can check it out and join.

I've been a member since they started, so for 3 months now, and I have to say, I am not disappointed at all. But on to this months boxes!

This month, Julep is expanding their horizons to cosmetics! I've seen mixed reactions to this. Many people are upset, because after all, Julep is a nail polish company, and they signed up for nail polish boxes. Others, like myself, are really really excited! But the company promises to take both sides into account, and is coming up with options so that people can opt in or out of the cosmetic portion. Don't let that put you off from these awesome boxes!

First off, we have the American Beauty November collection:

American Beauty November, Julep Trina, Julep Lipgloss, Julep Arousal, Julep Maven November

(you can click the photo to enlarge it)
Inside is a gorgeous cosmetic bag that I am sooooo excited to get to use! I am thrilled it has a metal zipper! Plastic zippers are a peeve of mine, because they always get "zipper disease" and stop working. Metal looks much classier. The bag is beautiful!

Also included is a lipgloss! The color here is Arousal: Neutral, rosy-brown with pink pearl. The lipgloss also has lip plumpers in it. I love and use lipgloss all the time, so I will definitely use this!

The color included is Trina, a deep aubergine with shimmer.

As much as I love this box, I actually put in a shelf pull for the Classic with a Twist box instead. I have a lot of purples in my collection already, Gayle being one of them, and to be honest, I really just don't like purple nail polish all that well. It's not something I would want multiples of. So while I do think these colors are gorgeous, and am sad I don't get to try out that lipgloss, a shelf pull just seemed best for me personally.

Next we have the Boho Glam November Collection:
Julep Boho Glam November, Julep Maven, Julep Selena, Julep Lipgloss, Julep Extravagant

In this box we have that beautiful cosmetic case! The nail polish color included is Selena, a yellow green. I'm hoping it's not pea soup green, or another not so polite name my friend has for that color that I will spare you. I'm half excited to see what it looks like in person, and half scared that it's going to be REALLY ugly. Which is why I did not do a shelf pull on this one. I don't have any colors remotely similar to this and I don't mind yellows. It's a creme finish, which I love. So we'll see! I'll post swatches and a review once it arrives, I promise!

Next is the lipgloss! This one is called Extravagant, and is a warm pearlized golden bronze. I love bronze lipglosses, and cannot wait to get to try this out!

All in all, I am really thrilled that Julep is expanding their lines into cosmetics! Their products are very high end and wearable, and on trend without being crazy. Definitely excited that they are keeping things fresh.

What style profile are you? Are you excited about the cosmetics or just want nail polish?

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