Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Julep Maven American Beauty September Unboxing!

My box containing the American Beauty September pull from the Julep Maven Program arrived today! Hooray!
So now I get to show you the unboxing of another gorgeous new fall color, Boris & Nicole.

This box is for the style profile of "American Beauty". If you follow, you already know that I subscribed to American Beauty first, but fell in love with the Boho Glam style profile after originally signing up, so now I get both. So far I've been very pleased with box boxes, because they're completely different from one another!

If you end up joining, make sure to put in the coupon code FB to save yourself money and get the first intro box which includes 2 nail colors, a treatment, and the glycolic hand scrub, for only $5! That's a total steal.

Opening up the box, everything was packaged beautifully as always! They put everything inside a gift bag, and tied a little orange ribbon bow onto it. Inside, my polish and cuticle oil were packaged together wrapped up in orange tissue. Very fall appropriate! Included was a set with the Crystal Nail File, and the Lint Remover, since I was one of the first 100 subscribers to the Maven Program, then we have the SPF 30 Hand Cream, 2 sample pouches, the bottle of cuticle oil, and the nail color Boris & Nicole!

Boris & Nicole is a gorgeous very rich, very fall color! I have to say, when I read the description of "Red Brown" that they sent me, I immediately was picturing a weird brick red, and wondering if I hadn't have put in for a shelf pull because I was extremely skeptical if they could pull it off, much like I was with Alfre!

Well I shouldn't have worried.
Boris & Nicole is a gorgeous burgundy raspberry with gold shimmer swirls. It reminds me of fall leaves, and holiday parties and Thanksgiving. It's a shimmer and I got opaque coverage with just one coat. This polish painted on very smoothly, and looks beautiful!
Unfortunately, none of my photos can do this gorgeous color justice! It's just beautiful in person, not at all what I was imagining.

Here's a swatch of what it looks like on me. Please excuse the left handed paintjob, and the bad lighting. What you see is one coat of Boris & Nicole.

Once again, I'm so happy that the Maven Program selects colors, because so far I've gotten about 4 colors I would have never picked by myself, but I adore all of them.

I'm eying the beautiful forest green color, Emilie, and Zoe, the burnt orange. All the new fall colors can be seen on the Julep website. Enjoy looking and post your thoughts on these colors if you already own them, or are buying them. I'd love to know others opinions on them too.

Right now, Julep has a great set that includes Alfre, Emilie, and Zoe on sale for $35 instead of the regular price of $42. So if you're interested in the fall colors, that might be a great way to get to try 3 out of the 4 for a discounted price! If I did not already own Alfre, I would have purchased that set already. Who knows, I might end up purchasing it and using the extra bottle of Alfre for a future give away.

Thanks for reading!

*All products featured in this post have been purchased by me to review and were not furnished by the company.

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