Tuesday, September 20, 2011

American Beauty & Boho Glam October Boxes Release!

Normally I don't post twice in one day, but I just had to share with you all! The emails announcing the products for the October boxes just arrived in my inbox, so I wanted to put them up so you all could see!

If you're not familiar with the Julep Maven Program, it's a monthly subscription service for $19.99 a month. If you join now using the coupon code FB, you get the introduction box for $5. [note, the intro box is not the same as the monthly boxes, you get the intro box no matter when you sign up, and then the next box you get is the monthly version.]

On to the releases!

First we have the American Beauty October box:

Included in it is the brand new Julep Glow On Hand Cream! Even though I already own the SPF 30 hand cream, I am really excited to get to try this. My hands have shown their age more in the past few years and it's nice to get a product that will help combat that! I love Shea Butter, so I am thrilled that that is one of the main ingredients. Retails for $32.

This month they are doing "Mani Pedi Combos" which is a super cute idea. The American Beauty Box includes Brooklyn, a 2011 Holiday Color. The description reads "Ruby Red with a hint of sparkles". I will be curious to see how this compares with Boris & Nicole. It sounds like it will be perfect for holiday parties!

Also included is Dendrie! I was literally just eying this color on the Julep website, so I am super thrilled that it is going to be included! It's a light dove grey. I'll have to compare to my bottle of Annette and see how similar they are. The two colors together retail for $28.

Now on to the Boho Glam October Box:

The Boho Glam box definitely has a different vibe to it than the American Beauty, and I'm glad. I love getting two completely different sets every month, and even more that both of them fit my style!

Included is the Julep Glow On Hand Cream. I like that they have a basic set up for the boxes, and keep the products consistent between boxes. Then everyone feels equal!

The "Mani Pedi Combo" for the Boho Glam box seems very sweet and edgy at the same time. There's another Holiday 2011 exclusive color, Gayle, included. Gayle is a "regal, deep aubergine". Once again, I probably wouldn't choose that color in a store, but I'm super excited to get to try it out and see how it looks! I also really like that their holiday colors are festive without looking gaudy. I'm curious if it's a creme or shimmer finish. But I bet it'll look very sophisticated for those events!
Next is Malin, a soft champagne pink. I love this color! I've been looking at the soft pinks, and don't currently have one, so this is totally perfect!

Right now I'm super excited to get my October boxes, and I hope you are too! What style profile are you and if it's different, let us know what's in your box.

Thanks so much for reading.

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