Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Julep Review Summer Collection

The other day, I noticed a little banner on Facebook, announcing a discount code for purchases of $35 or more. You get $15 off for putting in the code FB15 where it asks for a Coupon Code.

Right now, Juleps "Summer Collection", which includes 3 shades of nail polish, is marked down from $42 to $35. With the discount code it makes it $20, and I had a gift certificate for $15, so I paid $5 out of pocket for it shipped. Shipping is FREE all summer, so take advantage while you can!
$20 is still a great deal for these "3 free" nail polishes, which are seriously the nicest I have ever used.

This time around, Julep seems to have drastically improved their shipping procedures! Today my order came in a completely different box, it was a little black gift box with an elasticized ribbon bow holding it closed, and inside, each of the 3 bottles were carefully wrapped in bubble wrap. Hooray for companies that listen to customers and fix problems!

Julep Blake, Julep Jaime, Julep Niecy, Julep Summer 2011

They also kindly included a coupon for $10 off my next purchase of $30 or greater, and samples of their "Facial for Hands Glycolic Scrub" and "Everyday SPF 30 handcream", which was a really sweet surprise!

The three colors included in the "Summer 2011 Collection" are Blake, a buttery yellow, Jaime, a dark super saturated turquoise, and Niecy, a bright pink. The yellow is honestly the color I am most excited about, because it's a color I've been wanting and I don't have any like it in my collection. Jaime seems similar to Amy, and Niecy to Natalie. I'll do a post comparing the colors, so you can see how they differ.

Painting on Blake, I noticed that it was VERY opaque for a yellow. Most yellow nail polish I had in the past required about 5 layers to even come close to being opaque. This one is there from the get go. However, painting it on is a little tricky. I had one hand that the nail polish seemed a little gloppy and then when I tried to do thinner layers on the other, it turned out streaky so I had to kind of pile it on at the end to compensate. Their nail polishes dry really fast, and they don't stink like other brands. The bottles are a good size, not too big, and not so small it's ridiculous. Looking at them, you think it won't last long, but I've painted on layers and layers of the color Natalie and the bottle is hardly touched. I've been using it for the past month straight, because I adore the bright coral color.

Using the glycolic hand scrub is simple. You wet your hands, and then dispense a dime size amount. Then you rub your hands together and it scrubs off all the dead skin and helps revive the skin. To be honest, while this product worked really well, I doubt I would end up buying it. It smelled and looked exactly like my St. Ives apricot face scrub, that I already own. I'm sure the ingredients are better, but I don't really see the point in purchasing redundant products right now. In the future I might spring for a large bottle so I can test it more properly, but judging from the sample packet, this is not a product I "have to have" at this point in time.

The SPF 30 hand cream basically looked like sunblock. It rubs in fast, and doesn't leave a greasy film, but I don't like how it smells. It has that plain lotion almost sour cream smell to me, which I did not find enjoyable. After drying, it has a scent reminiscent of white glue. But I do enjoy how fast it absorbed, and that it still feels moisturizing. If you need unscented lotion, then you would probably enjoy this! Again, if they made a scented version, I would buy a large bottle to test it out with.

All in all, it was nice to get to try the new products though! I really enjoy when companies put samples in their orders, and package things with care like Julep does. The samples were also extremely easy to open, which was an unusual surprise. Most sample packets have a ridiculous little "tear here" thing with a slot cut and then you rip it and either the package rips in half, wasting product, or it doesn't open at all so you have to get scissors. This is not the case with theirs. They have a perforated line across the top and it actually tears across that. Again, a company that actually thinks things through! Amazing.

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