Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Solstice is here! Summer is so so close. The strawberries have shown up in the fields, and the fog has started rolling in.
Our summer weather entails thick white rolling fog in great wispy layers across the sky during the evening and into the wee hours of the morning.

Growing up, I used to literally run home, up our hill, from my friends house at 10pm, past the eucalyptus grove and the trees, shadowy, tall and terrifying at night. Running breathless past them, I'd get home and stand in the driveway, marveling at the fog. It's so mystical and beautiful.

Summer solstice means longer days, at last. Our winter has been rainy, which I am grateful for because the reservoirs always can use more water. But there's something so sweet and wonderful about the sun just going down at 9pm over the ocean.

I love this time of year in my heart of hearts. Part of me is so joyful and excited when the last of spring rolls out and summer finally rolls in. Glorious long summer with sand and water and fireworks, and watermelon and BBQ, bonfires at the beach, and punch and memories of playing outside so long that we could tell the time by where the sun was in the sky.

Welcome Summer.

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