Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Burbank tomorrow to send off my dad to PA for his class reunion. My mom and I are going to find stuff to do down there. Somewhere to eat in LA. Something to go look at. Maybe the Getty, since neither of us has ever seen it.
Last time, we went to see Jimmy Kimmel Live, which was strange. The set was very very small. Like probably the size of a house.
Jimmy Kimmel always looked somewhat portly to me on TV, but in person he's actually just a small statured man who is in fantastic shape. He's just got a somewhat squat build, which translates to him looking portly on camera.
LA people are all so small because they have to be. Joan Rivers was on the Walk of Fame and she's probably about 5 feet tall, if that. She's very very petite. I had no idea.
Models are super super tall, and actors are all very petite. I imagine because it's easier to film someone if they fit into the frame better, costume them if you can use less fabric, and create smaller soundstages to fit them on.
LA is its own world, really.

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