Thursday, June 16, 2011

Julep Nail Polish set review

Last week, the "Must Have Summer Set" by Julep, normally $64.95, was on sale for $28 shipped. Normally I would never spend that much on nail polish, but the colors are the same ones I have been looking for for summer, it comes with a cuticle oil roller-ball, and a nice box to keep it all in.

The shades are: Helena, Amy, Natalie, and Jennifer. They name all of their nail polishes with actual names, and sometimes they're named after celebrities.

Helena is a vibrant fuchsia color. Normally I think fuchsia looks gaudy or loud, but it really is prefect for a nail polish. Here I have my nails painted with it. (Please excuse the weird looking hand. It's hard to take a photo of your own hand, with an iphone in the other one as the camera in bad lighting.)

Amy is a nice turquoise that's perfect for summer. It's not as vibrant as Helena, but still just as pretty. This is one of my all time favorite shades of blue, so I was surprised that I was more drawn to Helena right now. But this will be great for later in the summer, and I think it would be fun to play with putting white designs over it because they would really pop.

Natalie is described as a "retro honeysuckle pink" on the website, but to me it's more of a coral pink color. But it definitely looks like a color out of the 50s, but this is one of those colors that never goes out of style.

Jennifer is a nice pinky nude, which is perfect for my pale skintone. It's fleshtoned without looking creepy, and you could easily use it for a french manicure, or a job interview where you want painted nails but clear is too boring.

The set comes in a nice little black cardboard box that ties shut with a black ribbon, making it perfect for gift giving, or as a Thank You favor for your bridesmaids. It's nice to have a little box to store the polishes in because then you can be assured that they're all together.

I love this set, and $28 was a total steal because I know that I'll regularly use all of these colors. There is a lot of variability even though it's only 4 colors, you can easily go from professional looks to fun looks and they're not too bright to wear on your hands. I generally stick with clear on my fingernails and do the crazy colors on my feet, but I can wear these on my hands without feeling like it looks tacky.

The included cuticle oil is amazing. You don't even have to wear nail polish and it'll make your nails look shiny and nice. See below? I don't have any nail polish on, just the cuticle oil.

Another thing I loved was the customer service. When I received my set, upon opening the box, I noticed that it smelled strongly of nail polish. Carefully examining the bottles, I realized that the bottle of Helena had been damaged in shipping. It has a crack clean through the bottle diagonally. Thankfully the nail polish did not leak out everywhere though. I emailed them *politely* explaining what happened and they sent me back a very sweet message saying that they were so sorry it had been broken and they would send me a new bottle right away. Two days later my new, unbroken bottle of Helena arrived in the mail. It's always nice to do business with a company that clearly cares about its customers and providing great service. Below is a picture of the busted bottle next to its unbroken twin.

All in all, I highly recommend giving Julep a try. If you're lucky enough to live near their nail salon I imagine it would definitely be worth it to stop by!

Also, now until the 30th, Julep is running a promo where you get $15 off any order of $30 or more with the code GIRLFRIEND, because they have a new summer set (see below) that's super cute.

Go check it out and take advantage of their sale if you're looking for some nice nail polish. Another great thing is, they're "3-Free" which means they're healthier to use. (I can tell because the fumes are WAY less than the nail polishes I have used in the past. I actually paint my nails outside most of the time because traditional nail polish smells up our whole entire house like chemicals for hours and gives me a headache.)

This is what the whole "3-Free" means: Our Julep Nail Vernis is 3 Free, which means we do not use carcinogens like formaldehyde, DBP and toluene. Also, our colors are ultra pigmented for easy application, fast drying, and long lasting – we developed them for use in our parlors.

If that wasn't enough, they also donate to organizations that help empower women. Definitely a good company to buy from!

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