Friday, April 22, 2011

Product Reviews! I'm a Bzzagent, so I recieved a bunch of Spring Cleaning products to review at the beginning of the month.
So far, I really like the products for the most part.

The Scrubbing Bubbles Shower spray did not really work for my shower though. It claimed to cut through soap scum without any scrubbing but that was not the case with my shower. Granted they probably did not mean it to be used in a shower that looked like something out of an episode of Hoarders, where the shower looked like it hadn't been cleaned in months. [it hadn't.]
The drain had been clogged with hair [disgusting], so water started standing in the tub when I took showers, and then all the soap would settle out of it onto the tub creating an impervious layer of soapscum that could only be removed by hot hot hot water and lots of scrubbing.
Needless to say, that product didn't really work so well for my situation. I tried it again with my shower after it actually draining and not having tons of soapscum, and it still did not work so well.
The smell is okay, I didn't gas myself out of my bathroom, and I think it would work if you had a smoother surfaced shower.
It worked great on my counter top and the outside and tank of my toilet though, so that's what I'll be using that product for from now on.

The Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Gel worked great! Unfortunately we have VERY hard water, so hard that it actually ate the insides of a washing machine and dishwasher with corrosion and half my sink currently is not working because the faucet has suffered the same fate. I get a lot of mineral rings, and normal cleaner can't really take care of that. Only vinegar can. However, this product is SUPER easy to apply, with the most foolproof dispensing system, so you don't accidentally squeeze out half the plunger worth of gel onto the toilet.
I like it because it actually seems to keep mold from growing in my toilet, does not react with the super hard water, and keeps it smelling fresh. Also, one little gel tab stayed put and worked for 2 weeks! not bad at all.

The 3rd product in my box of goodies was the Glade Limited Edition Spring Lines "Sparkle of Spring" with scents of zesty lime, ginger and vanilla. To me it mostly smells like a fresh citrus candle. It's not overpowering, but it still is strong enough to combat odors. I actually put it in my bathroom, and it works great in there! I love the color, the bright green is very cheerful and fresh looking. The packaging is pretty and fits on trend with the bohemian/70s fashion styles that are popular right now. I burned my candle for at least 5 hours and it's still going strong, not even halfway burned down. The wax melted easily, there was no smoking of the wick, and the flame was normal sized, so I felt comfortable leaving it on my bathroom counter. I definitely liked the scent of this candle and am interested to see what the other scents are like!

The next and final product was Lemon Pledge. I have to use this on the sly because my mom HATES the smell of lemon pledge. I used it to clean woodwork and it gives the pledge shine that you expect, and works well to remove dust while protecting the dirt. I used it on an old coffeetable that my great uncle made out of random pieces of wood. The finish got damaged on it, so my grandma sanded it down and refinished it. Unfortunately, the wood tends to dry out over time and gets "thirst". So I like to use products like the Lemon Pledge on it to keep it from getting damaged again, and protect the wood. The lemon scent does not bother me, but if you dislike strong scents it might bother you.

All in all, I really liked all the products I got to test. My favorites are the candle and the toilet gel, with the pledge being a solid product, and my least favorite being the Shower cleaner, simply because it's not really a good fit for what I need in a shower cleaner, even though it works great for other surfaces in the bathroom.

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