Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sorry for the re-post of the photo for those of you on my FB friends list.

Every year I decorate my little tree first. It stands about 1 foot tall, and I had to buy special miniature ornaments for it. I used to put normal sized ones on it, before the miniature kind were found.
Now I just use a few of the regular ornaments below the tree as the presents, since we happen to have several that look like toys. This year I also got a garland, which fills in the open spaces quite nicely, along with some new glass balls that my mom found and surprised me with.

The little tree was a gift from my best friends family. Her parents are like another set of parents to me. They had bought her and her sister each one of these trees as a Christmas present the year prior, and they had them out. I exclaimed that they were really cute and that I liked them, thinking nothing of it. They're also the family I spent Christmas morning with when my mom and dad both had to work, so that way I wouldn't be all alone. Her mom makes breakfast with eggs, veggie sausage, croussants, and we make sandwiches out of the toasted croussants with egg and cheese. To me that's still a special "Christmas Breakfast"
Anyways, they gave me this little tree as a present that year, and I've had it ever since. I pull it out after Thanksgiving and decorate it first, before we get out the big tree.
It is in my room, and it always looks so cute and cheerful.

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