Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Time

One of my most favorite things about winter is hot chocolate. Generally, it's not really all that cold here, so I only drink it if it's rainy out. But this time of year is the coldest, and they make special holiday flavored hot chocolates!
The hot chocolate I had for my birthday had crazy colored marshmallows. I was so excited when I saw the Swiss Miss box that I had to have it. Swiss Miss is my standard for home. It's not amazing, but it's from my childhood, so I enjoy drinking the different varieties they come up with.

Whenever I go to starbucks, I make sure to get their Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. The salt is too much for some, but I enjoy the contrast between the salty and the sweet. Their hot chocolate is not cloyingly sweet like most, and has a decadent feel to it.
The one pictured here is the Christmas Peppermint hot chocolate from Denny's! It's soooo good. Doesn't it look pretty? They even put a cute little candy cane on the rim of the cup. It looks so festive and cheerful, and makes me extremely happy. It had the perfect amount of peppermint in it, and was a rich treat.

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