Friday, March 15, 2013

Hi all!

Hi Everyone!
I cannot believe it's been so long since I last posted. My boyfriend and I ended up moving in together about 3 months ago, and I'm STILL in the process of organizing my stuff, and getting rid of things.

A huge part of this blog was unboxings. I love unboxings, but I realized that I was spending literally hundreds of dollars on product samples/things I do not "need". I got super overwhelmed because of all the samples piling up every month and it just was a lot to deal with, especially coupled with moving.

That said, I ended up cancelling Birchbox [well, I let my yearly sub run out, and honestly, I don't miss it. The points system is great, really really amazing. But that is all I miss.]
Ipsy was good, but I feel like I can take my $10, and go to the Target here and buy something that I would like better. It's definitely not a "higher end" bag, but I did like the service a lot and if I was in high school I would totally think that was the best thing ever.
Beauty Box was expensive and I felt like the favorite part of the box for me was literally the nice pink box it all came in. The samples were ok, but between all my subs I got a ton of repeats!
I think I ended up with FOUR of that Bamboo hair oil sample, all from different sub boxes.

PopSugar was one of my favorites, but it was the most expensive one and I didn't feel like it was practical to sustain it. That said, I did order their Summer Limited Edition box, but I would rather choose to spend $100 once every few months than spend at least that every single month.

I currently have three bags of Bath and Body works stuff, about 80 bottles of Julep Polish YES REALLY!, along with random other cosmetics that have been either barely touched, or not opened at all.

I know this is less of a "fun" entry, I'm sorry for that! I do promise to keep reviewing products and posting about them.
But since I just had SO MANY to get through I gave up. I became completely overwhelmed and just had to put it on hold.

Tomorrow I'm selling [or trying to!] a good amount of stuff at a garage sale.

Jenna Marbles had it right when she called it Goo Hoarding! I don't want to be a Goo Hoarder!

Once I get my "stuff" situation sorted, I will be back with reviews.

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