Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Black Bag

So I ended up joining this site, Little Black Bag, a few months ago after hearing about it on Makeup Talk forums.
Basically, for $50 a month, if you subscribe, or $60 one time, you pick one item for your bag, and then the others, from 2-4 products, are picked randomly for your from the site.
I believe that it's according to your profile that you fill out with the trend styles you like, and what accessories you would prefer to have, but I'm not 100% sure.

(Note, you can "cheat" and figure out what you are getting for the "Mystery Items" if you open a new tab and look up the name and price point. this is common knowledge, but just figured I would share!)

I picked out a bracelet for my first product, which was a little scary since it was only worth $10. But I REALLY wanted it because it's neon colors and it's super cute.
I ended up getting a really cute clutch, earrings, a candle and something else in my bag, which was really good. The more items you have, the better.

But if you get things you don't like, don't worry! You have 6 days to trade and trade and trade to your hearts content!

Trading is pretty simple, and REALLY addicting. You look in the gallery of available items, and then click on the trade button to make an offer using your items.

If you have some items that are "duds" and you can tell TONS of people are trying to get rid of them, try offering them along with an item that's similar in pricepoint to the one you want.
People are more willing to trade if you are close in value to the item that they have, but if you have a popular item you will get people throwing everything they've got at you to get that item of yours!

My final bag ended up being a really amazing boho necklace, an iphone case that looks like a penguin [which I actually need because my case died!], the original friendship bracelet, woven threaded earrings in a bright coral color with gold metal, and some super cute metal and beaded drop earrings.

Here are photos of the items I ended up with:
 This is the original bracelet that I picked as the item I could see when I ordered my bag.
The neon colors seem perfect for summer and I really have been wanting a cute, bright bracelet that had a layered look after seeing them on Ettika.
 This is the phone case. Isn't it cute? I know it's not jewelry and it doesn't really "go" with the other items I picked/traded for, but I need a new phone case and this seems perfect.
New phone cases are $50 anyways, so this way I get a case and all the jewelry for the same price the case would have cost me.
 This necklace is a bit of an out of character purchase for me. I'm generally not into large statement pieces, let alone a huge necklace like this one. But the beading on it is sooo pretty, and I love that it's gold. I think it'll be perfect with a white tank top!
 These earrings almost match the above necklace. I love the way that they have the chains dangling along with the beadwork, and the gold. The colors are nice and summery without looking cheesy and they're on trend while also looking classic.
Threaded earrings and coral! I had to have these when I saw them.

I realize that my style is not the same as everyones, but they really do have a super diverse range of styles and products!

The best part is the trading! It's fun to just make offers and see what is popular and what is going like hotcakes.

The fine print: You can only create one account per person! You're also not supposed to make a dupe account and trade with yourself. [but there are no rules against your friends helping you and you helping them!]

Every month, unless you skip a month or cancel, they will pick out a new product set for you and you have 6 days to trade and trade and trade and at the end, or when you hit the "ship my box" button, they'll send you your items in your current bag!

It's a fun way to get to try new things and to barter for things you really want.

I highly suggest trying this out if you can.

Here's a link if you are interested!

When I get my box in the mail, I will post an unboxing for you all! Thanks so much for reading.

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